Attack on Titan Final Season: Part 2 opens the anime game ending – first impression

Fans had to wait a long time, now it’s finally here: The 2nd half of the 4th season and with it the latest episodes of Attack on Titan Final Season. One of the greatest anime hits of our time thus opens its endgame. We’ve taken a look at the two most recent episodes and tell you what this event in the series is all about. definitely don’t miss it can.

The war escalates

The 1st part of the 4th season ended with a bang, because Reiner and Marley’s Troops were able to locate Eren and his friends. Another confrontation between the two former comrades seems inevitable and our main character is on fire visibly. another duel. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be, but the fight doesn’t just break out between the former comrades-in-arms, but on all fronts at the same time.

But that’s not the only reason the situation is getting worse, as it’s a good distance from the battlefield Zeke regains consciousness, who has only one goal: to get along with his brother cadet Eren come together to join forces. In this way, they could permanently change the future of the world. However, even our protagonist’s closest confidants are beginning to have doubts about what their leader told them earlier. really true and just has been.

As Eren battles Reiner and Marley’s soldiers in his Titan form, events soon begin to unfold. Both sides are fighting for the edge in this conflict, yeah can there still be victors in such a war? On both sides, there are increasingly hesitant people.

The beginning of the end has begun © Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee

The beginning of the 2nd part of “Attack on Titan Final Season” attracts us viewers straight back to action, which in these two episodes mainly from the visually stunning action is in relief. When Eren fights Reiner and his comrade Porco, the Jaw Titan, nothing is left to chance. The fights particularly benefit from the significantly improved CGI models.

As bloody and brutal as it hasn’t been in a long time

In part 1, the CGI titans were still an external team designed and clearly recognizable as foreign bodies in every scene. In current episodes deals with Meanwhile, Studio MAPPA itself on the titans. On closer inspection, these still stand out, but they fit much better into the overall picture. In addition, the staging of the titan fights and the animations of the gigantic combat machines are again better and smoother success.

Eren has since become an accomplished warrior © Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee

When Eren, Reiner, and Porco collide, the force of their attacks can be felt through the screen. Break bones, splatter blood and the houses in the immediate vicinity are crushed. There are some simply awe-inspiring scenes that officials have caused here, and also some extremely brutal scenes. So bloody and bloody Attack on Titan is long gone!

But the action isn’t just there as mere eye candy, it’s got one too. narrative value. Above all, it shows us how much the little boy, who was once terrified of titans, is now a titan himself and can hold two such monsters at bay. Eren has been around since the beginning of the series enormously developed, especially as a warrior, because his skill and irrepressibility will make him more than clear in this fight.

Gabi realizes that there are only people fighting on both sides © Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee

Meanwhile, the highlights of both episodes take place away from the larger-than-life titan battle, in which the Marley faction tries everything to keep Eren away from his big brother Zeke. The whole conflict has already escalated to the point where people on both sides are gone want or be able to believe, for which they once fought. We note this very clearly Mikasa and Gabi.

There are no demons here

Mikasa was always on Eren’s side and she was always by his side. But while Armin continues to assert that they can count on their boyfriend, it becomes more and more precarious. To see her doubts eat away at her and finally her this red scarfthat Eren once gave her is a heartbreaking moment. But the people on the other side also realize how pointless the bloodshed is. Gabi, who has always hated the rebels from the bottom of her heart, now realizes that her opponents are not demons. There are no demons, only humans in this war.

“Attack on Titan” has therefore also in the new episodes has lost none of its fascination and could shape an entire generation. The series has hinted at this potential for years and continues right there in its final season. Still, it’s mostly the well-written characters and the multifaceted conflict, which are the great strengths of the series. Certainly, in order to finally receive the title of “masterpiece”, almost everything must go perfectly in the final phase of the anime. But if any series can do that, it’s this one.

You can watch the latest episode of “Attack on Titan Final Season” in Germany on Crunchyroll and WAKANIM every Sunday from 9:45 p.m. watch in original Japanese with German subtitles.

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