Attack on Titan final season shares official illustrations of episode 84 | Spaghetti Code

After the broadcast of its 84th episode, the animation studio and team behind the final season of Attack on Titan shared the already traditional series of illustrations that leave the most recent episode of the anime for posterity.

The 84th episode “the night of extinctionThis week’s features illustrations by MAPPA animation studio and animation director Aikari Minagawa.

Although the new episodes of Shingeki turned towards a more introspective and personal atmosphere in their characters’ relationships, Aikari decided to add a touch of humor to “that dinner” in episode 84 with the timely interventions she makes Hanji Zoe with her personality.

On the other hand, the animation studio MAPPA shared a Gabi Braun sketch by Kaneaki Sugimitsu. Gabi is such a controversial character for her actions during the last season of attack on titan, and that – even so – his presence is essential to understand the social issues that are touched on in the series.

At the moment Attack on Titan carries 9 of the 12 episodes that are scheduled to premiere in part 2 of the final season, although due to the development of the story speculation has already begun to emerge about a “possible movie” that presents the outcome of the anime.

What did you think of the illustrations for episode 84 of Attack on Titan?

With information from: anime_shingeki


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