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After the broadcast of one more episode, the team behind the production of the final season of Attack on Titan shared the now traditional series of illustrations that they leave every weekend.

This time episode 85”traitors” from attack on titan anime has Illustrations made by both animation director Wei Qing Wang and animation studio MAPPA.

In the first illustration – made by Wei Qing- we can see Armin Arlert, the academy’s frail little recruit has been through a lot to wield the power of the Colossal Titan with the reach of a wound. We can see that despite having the most destructive power of the nine titan shiftersArmin still experiences doubts and confusion from using it.

Photo: MAPPA

For its part, the animation studio MAPPA shared a sketch featuring Connie Springer made by Daisuke Ninuma. The transformation of the young and carefree cadet of the scout corps has led to drastic changes in his personality, questioning his own morals and even performing acts that he never believed himself capable of, such as betraying the former companions. of the.

At the moment Attack on Titan carries 10 of the 12 episodes that are scheduled to premiere in part 2 of the final season, although due to the development of the story speculation has already begun to emerge about a “possible movie” that presents the outcome of the anime.

What did you think of the illustrations for episode 85 of Attack on Titan?

With information from: anime_shingeki


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