‘Attack on Titan’ finally remembers that Levi exists and gives us a preview of the character’s future

The new episodes of the final season of ‘Attack the titans’ They have been non-stop action as we head towards the resolution of the story. The anime has been focusing more on the duel between Eren Jaeger and Reiner Braun and the awakening of the colossal titans… but finally the series has decided to show us what has become of Levi Ackerman.

Be careful, there are spoilers for the most recent episodes of the anime!

What has become of Captain Levi?

The last chapters have been very loaded with action and combat scenes after Marley’s unexpected attack on Paradis. As if that were not enough, Eren managed to gain access to the roads thanks to her contact with Zeke and has convinced the founder Ymir that the only way out left for her people is to awaken the titans on the walls and deploy the noise against his enemies.

It remains to be seen what the rest of the characters in the anime will do and if they will decide to join Eren or try to stop him… But while all this was happening, many fans of the series were aware of two of the great forgotten in the middle of this mess : Levi and Hange.

The mid-season hiatus left us with a pretty big cliffhanger about the future of Levi, who had taken a massive hit and had to fight too many titans.

In the first episode after the hiatus, Hange and a group of soldiers loyal to Eren found Levi’s ill-fated body. At first Hange revealed that the captain had died, but taking advantage of a distraction, he jumped into the river with the body and both disappeared.

Several chapters have passed since then, and the anime series had not mentioned the two characters again or confirmed whether Levi was actually dead or not. For the fans still grasping at straws, confirmation that Levi is alive and well has come at the end of episode 82when Hange reappears to negotiate a deal with Marley’s soldiers and reveals that Levi is still alive “because he refuses to die.”

What little we have seen is that he is still very badly injured and covered in bandages, but it seems that Levi will indeed play an important role in the final fireworks of the series. Fans had been waiting for his appearance for weeks and the character’s name quickly became a Trending Topic.

Chapter 83 of ‘Attack the titans’ It can be seen starting next Sunday night from Crunchyroll, where the subtitled series is being broadcast on simulcast.