Attack On Titan Gets Emotional With One Of Gabi’s Best Scenes Yet

The attack of the Titans got very emotional with the series finale as it ended up featuring one of Gabi Braun’s best moments in anime to date! The fourth and final season of Attack on Titan is now heating up for Part 2 as the major conflict between Eldia, Marley and the new Yeagerist faction now explodes all around. Gabi was the center of attention for the first set of episodes because she represented the kind of young child soldier raised on hatred, and the series’ latest episode challenged her to that idea more than ever.

Gabi drew a lot of anger from fans not only for the major death she caused in the first half of the season, but also for fighting so adamantly for her country. She had grown up with only a certain kind of narrow-minded philosophy, but now that she’s found herself in a much bigger fight than ever, she realizes how wrong she was. It is this confrontation of her ideologies that begins to shake up her own preconceived ideas and sees her take a very important step forward.

Episode 77 of the series sees Gabi finally reuniting with Falco with the help of an Eldian officer she had bonded with, and it all begins to shake her mentality. She fought so hard for her country against those she believed to be demons, and even killed in Marley’s name. But as fans began to see when she snuck into Eldia, Gabi was confronted with those thoughts and began to see that those she was so against were actually people just like her. She begins to understand all the things that have been anchored in her since birth.

It’s a far cry from the kind of retribution that fans of the show likely want for the character, and it’s a far cry from what she used to be. But it is a very important step to recognize the superficiality of one’s previous thoughts and to truly realize the consequences and the weight of one’s action, whether or not it impacts those not on one’s “side”.

But what do you think? Do you think Gabi can even be redeemed at this point? Does this start a trajectory that will finally move Gabi in a much less lethal direction? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology sur Twitter!