Attack on Titan: Girl creates cool yet bizarre Freighter Titan cosplay – Senpai

A talented artist and fan of Attack on Titan has created the cosplay ultimate of the Freighter Titan making this an incredible characterization of Hajime Isayama’s work, although yes, the most bizarre we’ve seen so far.

Among the Nine Changing Titans there is a rather particular one, underestimated compared to the other eight titans, but which is undoubtedly quite useful and powerful, although yes, among the nine it takes the prize for the ugliest of all.

If you have already seen the series, you will know exactly who the Cargo Titan is and Pieck, its user, but in case you haven’t… It provides its user with the ability to transform into a quadrupedal titan that is extremely agile and strong enough to carry the necessary gear without losing speed, making this titan perfect for transport and support. You can see a stupendous and terrifying cosplay anime of this creature below.

Photo: Instagram – @yaizaperez

As you can see, this is quite a spectacular makeup job, where the cosplayer @yaizaperez (via Instagram) has managed to recreate the bizarre physical appearance of the Freight Titan’s face area in great detail using some kind of mold and hardening materials to create the titan’s pronounced jaw.

In the same way, he does an incredible job with the hair, trying to recreate as accurately as possible the appearance of this creature that we first saw during the third season of Attack on Titan.

Let’s remember that Piecky, his titan, came very close to dying during Eren and Paradis’ attack on Marley during the first part of the fourth season. However, they have returned with the second part of the Final Season.

What did you think of this bizarre but amazing anime cosplay of the Cargo Titan?


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