Attack on Titan: Hajime Isayama apologizes to fans for manga ending

The mangaka hajime isayama creator of ”Attack on Titan” apologized to fans for the end of his acclaimed story during his first appearance in the United States. On an event panel anime nyc, Isayama received a series of questions where one was “Did you know how you wanted to end Attack on Titan from the beginning?”.

Given this, the mangaka responded by means of a translator who still had doubts in himself about how he wrote the series finale. “I’m still haunted by the ending at this point,” she said. “So sorry”. Many noted the author’s vulnerability in saying this, so the fans applauded and showed their support by saying that they loved him.

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Many manga fans criticized Isayama for the ending of ”Attack on Titan,” but the creator was grateful when he attended the event. “With strong feelings, I was depressed for a long time until yesterday when I met the fans during the signing,” he explained. “The fans told me that the ending was great and they loved it, and it made me happy, coming to New York was great experience for me.”

”Attack on Titan” began publication in 2009 through the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine, after Weekly Shonen Jump rejected his story at the age of 19. The manga’s ending came in April 2021 with many fans criticizing the ending due to a large number of plot holes.

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The bad reception was so intense that Isayama and his staff have received numerous death threats due to the ending of ”Attack on Titan”, even having to write a message prior to his appearance at Anime NYC asking fans to come good with him

In an interview in May 2021, the mangaka addressed the criticism by confessing that drawing the ending was a challenge for him, saying that he was sorry that he couldn’t express it properly and apologized for disappointing fans. After the last chapter of the magazine, Isayama added eight additional pages to Volume 34, though the ending remains the same.

The anime adaptation of ”Attack on Titan” will reveal the final part of its fourth season sometime in 2023.

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