Attack on Titan has a spectacular new cosplay focused on Mikasa

The final stretch of Attack the titans It has us without oxygen. The last bars of the fiction are just one more sign of the greatness of this recent work, which shows that masterpieces can also be born today, and that these not only have to be products that have their time and that came out years ago functioning as absolute referents (such as the recent case of batman and the clash with The dark knight from Nolan). To celebrate that last session of episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin Fans of the art of cosplay are showing off their best clothes.

On this occasion, and to anticipate that Mikasa Ackerman is immersed in war to the core, the user miikhydeafening has made a cosplay in which we can see the character perfectly armored and prepared for combat. With her trademark swordplay in her hands, Mikasa is brought to life here in great detail as measured work has made even the smallest details look like never before.

We have already repeated it on occasion, but if we have live action in hand, the big production companies should pay attention to the measured work that is carried out from the most amateur sphere, since turns out to be much more functional and effective than the costumes complemented by CGI and digital effects.

Attack on Titan unfolds further on Amazon Prime Video

part 1 season 4 Attack the titans recently arrived at the platform that we provide The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in this 2022. Of course, it is becoming the home of many prestigious animes that seek to reach a larger number of viewers. For the moment, we will have to follow the last episodes of Attack on the Titans through Crunchyrollleading platform in the genre that accumulates tons of anime (and more after absorbing the content of Funimation).