Attack on Titan: How does the 3D Maneuvering Team work? – Senpai

Different gadgets have been used by the characters of Attack on Titan in their fight against the gigantic monsters known as Titans, but none stands out as much as the EMT or Three-Dimensional Maneuver Team, a complex system of harnesses, hooks and swords that is very complex, which has led us to ask ourselves, how does it really work?

The team created to take down the Titans

According to existing records in the Army of Humanity, the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Team It was created between the years 775 and 788 by one of the engineers of the Legion of Recognition with the purpose of helping him in his battle against the monstrous Titans. The intention of the EMT is to boost the speed of human beings and increase their spatial mobility during their confrontations, objectives that with the simple force of a man or a woman would be impossible to achieve.

Hajime Isayama created a complex gadget system for his protagonists | Image: Kodansha

This military engineering kit is made up of six pieces: harnesses, hooks, cables, gas cylinders, fans, and swords made from hardened steel. The first five attachments of the EMT propel its user through space, while the last one is used for offensive movements. In a nutshell, The EMT is used by aiming and shooting at a specific target, and anchoring itself on it as an axis to exercise any type of mobility.

To make use of the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment it is completely necessary for its user to have great physical strength, especially in their legs, to maintain balance during their swings. Three years of training are required to acquire this type of equipment, this being such a constant and exhausting exercise that many of the infantrymen who have enlisted in the army have died before becoming EMT creditors.

Different soldiers use this equipment in their combat | Image: Wit Studio

As you can see, the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment is one of the most complex attachments that we have come to see in the history of the shonen, being quite a feat that of Hajime Isayama create, from fiction, a contraption that works under its own logic, being able to be replicated in real life. As if that were not enough, it is great to see the protagonists of Attack on Titan move with such ease employed the EMT: a feat of both the mangaka and the animation produced for this legendary anime.

And you, did you already know how this complex team dedicated to the combat of the Titans works?


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