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Eren Jaeger went from being a sucker who could barely sway with his 3D maneuvering gear to the most dangerous power user in the world. Attack on Titan. Various powers of the nine titans are now under his control, and now that his quest is nearing its end, it is convenient to know with how many and what powers our protagonist has become throughout four seasons.

The premiere is scheduled for January 2022 | Photo: MAPPA

Voluntary feedback

It is true that regeneration is a quality possessed by both pure titans and titan users; however, titan users are the only ones capable of regenerate specific parts of their bodies and control the acceleration of the healing process. After many years, Eren was not only able to master “voluntary regeneration”, he also showed that “users” can survive several days without regenerating lost parts, as happened during his infiltration in Liberio… Or do you no longer remember the harmless soldier from the first part of the final season?

Eren mastered his regeneration power in recent seasons | Photo: MAPPA

Voluntary Hardening (Female Titan)

We have decided to call it “Voluntary Hardening” since Eren is the one who decides how and when to use a crystalline coating that is as strong as diamonds. Unlike the Armored Titan that covers most of his body during the entire transformation, Eren only uses it to harden his fists and increase his combat strength… although we know that the scope of this ability is so versatile that he was able to close the huge hole in the Maria Wall.

unbreakable knuckles | Photo: WIT Studio

Weapon Crafting (Titan Warhammer)

The Warhammer Titan’s most powerful ability allows it to take the hardening to a level of extreme manipulation, being able to alter its form to turn it – in many cases – into weapons or dangerous spines capable of piercing the body of the titans with great ease. Eren got this incredible power after devouring the former bearer of the Warhammer Titan, but also tires very quickly after using his powers for short periods.

Coordinate (Founder Titan)

We could say that The Coordinate is a power that Eren “has and doesn’t at the same time”, because although he is able to evade the vow to renounce the war, he cannot activate his powers since he does not possess royal blood. But if he found a way to access his power, Eren would be able to perform the following actions.

  • control over other “pure titans”
  • altered memories on Ymir’s Subjects (Erdian race)
  • genetic alteration over his entire race (Euthanasia Plan)
  • access to memories of previous users

The power to rule the Erdian race | Image: Wit Studio

??? (Attack Titan)

There is still a surprise hidden up the sleeves of the protagonist, because we must remember that each of the nine titans is endowed with a unique ability, and although we know that the Founding Titan is the original possessor of “The Coordinate”, this is not the Attack Titan’s main ability. What hides behind the eyes of the Attack Titan?

What power hides the Attack Titan? | Image: MAPPA

Did you already know all the powers that Eren Jaeger has in Attack on Titan?


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