Attack on Titan: How many types of Titans are there? – Senpai

Titans are the most powerful and terrifying characters of Attack on Titan: of that there is no doubt. However, not all these gigantic beings are the same, since There are marked differences between them that have allowed scholars to classify them into three types of Titans.

Pure Titans

Pure Titans are the most common type of Titan out there. These are ordinary people who were injected with Titan Serum, causing an excessive growth of all its extremities without an apparent order. These beings can measure between 3 and 15 meters, and are completely irrational, which allows their victims to evade them with relative ease. These beings were employed by the kingdoms of Eldia and Marley like cannon fodder during war.

Ordinary people injected with titan serum | Image: Wit Studio

Eccentric Titans

Like the Pure Titans, the Eccentrics (also known as Aberrant or Abnormal) are about people who were transformed with the Titan Serum, and can measure much more than the first (the largest, Rod Reiss, was almost 120 meters).

Their greatest distinction is their developed intelligence, which, although rudimentary, can allow them to focus on a single objective. instead of irrationally attacking any kind of stimulus. Also, the skin of some of these specimens can become hard, making them exceptional pieces at the forefront of armies.

Titans who have shown certain traits of intelligence | Image: Wit Studio

Ymir Titans

Also known as the Nine titans, they are the descendants of Ymir Fritz, the Founding Titan. As the name implies, There are only nine titans of this type, which have all their mental faculties, they measure from four to sixty meters, in addition to being able to resume their human form at will.

This ability has been passed down from generation to generation, and to acquire it, it is necessary for the potential user of this power to devour the flesh of his predecessor. The Nine Titans, as well as their last known user, are as follows:

  • Founding Titan – Eren Jaeger
  • Attack Titan – Eren Jaeger
  • Warhammer Titan – Eren Jaeger
  • Colossal Titan – Armin Arlert
  • Armored Titan – Reiner Braun
  • Titanium Hembra – Annie Leonhart
  • Titán Bestia – Zeke Jaeger
  • Titan Jaw – Falcon Grice
  • Titan Freighter – Pieck Finger

Beings that can return to their human form whenever they want | Image: Wit Studio

As you can see, there are three different types of Titans, which in turn (in the case of the Ymir Titans) can be classified into nine different variants. They all have abilities that make them unique, yet they all share brutal physical strength that normal human beings can hardly cope with. To combat them, the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment, but on many occasions not even this marvel of military engineering has been enough to put an end to them.

And you, did you already know the different species of titans?


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