‘Attack On Titan’: How To Catch Up For The Anime Finale Without Having To Watch Absolutely Everything

‘Attack the titans’ has become one of the great international phenomena in the world of manganime. The animated series based on the manga by Hajime Isayama is very close to reaching the end of the story… but how can you catch up just in time without having to watch all the seasons in full?

Where do we summarize this?

Let’s see, let’s start by cutting things off a bit and saying that ‘Attack on Titan’ is a somewhat “galaxy brain” anime, with very brainy turns and with some plots that you need to take a look at to find out everything.

This is also one of the great attractions of the series, and although it can take a bit of a step back, from here we also have to recommend that you watch it in its entirety to get the most out of it. However, If you are brave and want to shorten to throw yourself fully into the end of the anime, there are also some solutions.

Although the distribution licenses have been changing a bit in recent years, the entire series can be seen in streaming. The first three seasons are available on Amazon Prime Videowhile from season 2 onwards, including the OVAs and the new simulcast episodes, can be seen at Crunchyroll.

‘Attack the titans’ follows the plot of the manga very closely and there are hardly any filler episodes like in other series (I’m looking at you, ‘One Piece’)… But there are certain must-see episodes what you should watch to catch up on the main plot, whether you’re new to the series or want to refresh your memory.

It should be noted that there are some summary films that synthesize the plot of the first three seasons, although unfortunately they are not available to watch in Spain, so for now we are going to stick only to anime.

‘To you, 2000 years from now – The Fall of Siganshina, Part 1’ (Episode 1)

attack on titan episode 1

Logically, it is the beginning of the animewhere the entire argument is introduced and we have the presentation of the protagonists.

In this episode we get to know this peculiar world where humanity lives behind gigantic walls to protect itself from the titans. However, Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s lives change forever when a Colossal Titan appears and destroys the wall. We also recommend you to watch the next episode, ‘That day – The fall of Shingashina Part 2’

‘The First Battle – The Defense of Trost, Part 1’ (Episode 5)

attack on titan season 1

The chapters following the fall of the wall focus on the training of Eren, Mikasa and Armin to train as soldiers and learn to face the titans.

This episode and the next take place just after they have graduated as part of class 104. Here we see their first real confrontation with these creatures, and it leaves us one of the most shocking twists in the story that will be crucial for the rest of the plot: Eren is a titan and certain humans are capable of becoming titans.

‘Assault on the Stohess District’ (Episodes 23-25)

Annie In Titan Form

These three episodes form the end of the first season, and they carry a lot of plot weight. During the previous chapters, the Survey Corps has discovered that there is a foreign spy among class 104.

In addition to having an epic battle, during these chapters we discover a little more about the world of ‘Attack on Titan’ and who are the enemies beyond the walls.

‘The Beast Titan’ (Episode 26)

The Beast Titan

This chapter links directly to the end of the first season and we see how everything that has happened has affected the members of the 104 promotion. The most important thing, however, is that we are introduced to the Beast Titan, a new type of titan that is much smarter than the others and is even capable of speech.

‘Soldier’, ‘Story’ and ‘Warrior’ (Episodes 29-31)

Attack On Titan Castle Utgard

While the battle was taking place in the Stohess district, several members of Class 104 managed to take refuge in Castle Utgard.

These are key chapters because we discover more about the past of several members of the regiment. And more importantly, the identity of several titans with one of the best “plot twist” of the entire series.

‘The Scream’ (Episode 37)

Eren Uses The Coordinate

The end of the second season. Up to this point, much of what has happened has been battle scenes between the soldiers and the Armored and Colossal Titans, but we get to a point where he has everything to lose.

In a new twist, Eren manages to use a new power unknown even to him, but that will be very important for the future of the plot.

‘The crime’ (Episode 43)

The crime

In season 3 we start to discover more about the inhabitants of the wall and their leaders. In this episode, Eren manages to recall certain memories buried in his subconscious about how he acquired the powers of the Attack Titan and the terrible crime his father committed years before against the royal family.

‘The queen of the wall’ and ‘Friends’ (Episodes 46 and 47)

Levi Receives The Syringe With The Spinal Fluid

These two episodes have a certain weight of political plotwith machinations to determine who will be the new ruler of the Walls.

A new gadget in favor of the Survey Corps also comes into play: an injection of spinal fluid with which to transform a human into a titan. If a normal titan devours a human carrying one of these special titans (such as Attack or Colossal), he will acquire their powers.

The final stretch of season 3

Grisha Jaeger's Basement

Although the action and combat have a lot of weight in much of the end of the third season of ‘Attack on Titan’, it is justIts closure involves many revelations in terms of plot and also decisions for the future of the series.

We recommend you to see episodes 54 to 59since during these chapters we finally discover the truth about Eren’s father and what lies beyond the walls.

Inside Season 4

attack on titan season 4

So far, more or less, we would have the necessary chapters to see before Part 2 of the Final Season of ‘Attack on Titan’the episodes that currently air every Sunday.

The first part of the fourth and final season consists of only 16 episodes and we would recommend you watch it in its entirety, but if you also want to “speedrun” this part, we recommend some episodes that you should not miss.

‘Across the Sea’ and ‘Midnight Train’ (episodes 60 and 61), as they both show us what the outside world is like, and especially a glimpse into the lives of the enemies of Paradís, the land of the inhabitants of the Walls.

‘Declaration of War’ and ‘Titan Hammer of War’ (episodes 64 and 65) are also two key episodes due to their plot load, especially for Eren and the one who is now his main antagonist in the series.

To finish bringing you up to date before the firecracker, we recommend you watch ‘Violencia’, ‘The only salvation’ and ‘Heaven and earth’ (episodes 73, 74 and 75), which feel the essential bases to link with the new episodes.