Attack on Titan is a massacre but the creator wanted to kill more characters

Attack the titans is currently paused waiting to release the third block that will put an end to one of the most beloved fictions of recent times within the anime. Rarely have we witnessed such a number of deaths in a series, leaving aside products like Game of Thrones where even the pointer dies, and probably The House of the Dragon be no exception as the chapters progress. Despite Shingeki no Kyonjin be a violent and crude work, the person in charge of the manga, Hajime Isayama, would have loved to be able to introduce more characters in order to kill them later..

The number of characters has grown a lot from what I originally created. When I think about it now, I wonder if they have been enough. I think it would have been nice to give Jean and the others on Marley’s side a friend, and cause quite a stir by eliminating them.“, explains the mangaka. Attack on the Titans has been growing over the seasons and its cast of characters has grown like foam. Some to leave very soon and others to stay. But in any case, the mangaka wanted establish a link between the spectator and the character so that later his death would hurt more.

An idea that George RR Martin also has in his novels

Just what George RR Martin mentioned regarding the concept of death that can be felt in cultural products. “Star Wars kills more characters than I do! In the first movie they blow up the entire planet of Alderaan, which has like 20 billion people, and they’re all dead. But you know what? Nobody cares. Everyone on Alderaan he is dead, but we do not know the people of Alderaan. We do not feel their deaths. It’s just a stat. If you are going to write about death, you must feel itWe’ll see what Attack on Titan has in store for us in the future regarding this topic.