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There is a week left until this 2022 ends and we continue to know the lists of the most relevant in each industry. It is because of this that it has already been made known that Attack on Titan was chosen as the best anime of this year, according to Filmarks.

If you haven’t heard about Filmarkslet us tell you that it is a kind of Metacriticbut in Japan, which is the largest site for reviews and ratings in that country.

The Rumble was enough for the series to take the crown

Thanks to each of the reviews displayed on the site, it has now been confirmed that Attack on Titan became the best anime of 2022, beating other major series like Spy×Family Y Chainsaw Man.

Let’s remember that it was on January 9 when Part 2 of the Final Season of Attack on Titanproduced by MAPPA, which narrated the war for Paradis with the attack of Marley’s forces on Shiganshina, and also the beginning of the Rumble.

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Here you can see the complete list with the best of anime in 2022, according to Filmarks:

  • 1. Attack on Titan: The Final Season – Part 2
  • 2. My Hero Academia – Season 6
  • 3. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
  • Four. Made in Abyss – Season 2
  • 5. Jojo Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Part 2
  • 6. Kaguya-sama – Season 3
  • 7. Jojo Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Part 1
  • 8. Kingdom – Season 4
  • 9. Heike Monogatari
  • 10. Spy×Family

As you could see, second place goes to My Hero Academiaan anime that premiered its sixth season in 2022 and that continues to surprise all its fans.

On the other hand, the third in the top ten went to Cyberpunk: Edgerunnersthe Netflix series that left everyone and everyone speechless and that remains one of the favorites of the year.

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It is worth mentioning that Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 It is planned to arrive sometime in 2023, with an exact date yet to be announced, and promises to cover the last moments in the history of Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

Do you agree with the top ten of Filmarks? Tell us in the comments.

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