Attack on Titan: Japanese Cosplayer Achieves the Perfect Portrait of Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe, the new commander of the Reconnaissance Corps of Attack on Titan, comes to life like never before thanks to this incredible cosplay. The surprising characterization of the commander was made by a Japanese cosplayer, showing a faithful portrait of the character as we have rarely seen it.

The amazing cosplay of Hange Zoe recreates the character’s appearance from the fourth season of the anime. For this reason, the Big Boss patch could not be missing on the commander, one that by the way gives her a more intimidating touch than the one she had accustomed us to. We also don’t think this change in Hange’s outfit was a coincidence, as what came next would definitely have traumatized any of us.

So also gone are the days of the jolly scientist and titan buff, who adopted a more somber gesture that brings to life the cosplay by Hange Zoe made by @EVAzo_cos (Twitter). Here we leave the images so you do not miss them:

Photo: @EVAzo_cos/Twitter

This shocking Hange Zoe cosplay also shows that despite everything, the commander cannot give up in the most critical situations. Because she has not been afraid to enter the vanguard to fight for her ideals with the wings of freedom:

Photo: @EVAzo_cos/Twitter

While you wait for the last part of the anime of Attack on Titanthe one that promises to be the end of the series now, why don’t you take a look at this crossover with Spy x Family. Thanks to the great drawing we have been able to see how it would look Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman in the skin of the Forger family.


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