Attack On Titan Just Confirmed Two Unthinkable Deaths

The attack of the TitansThe final episode of Season 4 just confirmed the deaths of big characters that were (once) unthinkable on the show. As Eren Jaeger gains the power of the Founding Titan and activates The Rumbling, the release of the gigantic Wall Titans unleashes a wave of annihilation that even Paradis Island is not immune to. Amid all the chaos, friends, allies, and even enemies of the Survey Corps and Eren jostle for survival – while having to say goodbye to those who tragically don’t make it.


The attack of the Titans Episode 81, “Thaw,” we get pauses in the chaos of death just long enough to confirm two major casualties: Commander Dot Pixis of the Survey Corps and Commander Nile Dok of the Military Police. The pair were part of the tragic group of soldiers on Paradise Island who drank wine mixed with Zeke Jaeger’s cerebrospinal fluid. During Marley’s surprise attack on Paradis Island, Zeke activated all of his Pure Titans “sleeper agents” into the ranks of the Survey Corps, via his Titan Cry. Pixis and Dok were within range of this scream and were both transformed into Pure Titans.

Episode 81 brings Pixis his final peace at the hands of Armin, who spots his former commander in the Titans’ offensive wave. Armin gives Pixis a eulogy and thanks, before firing a Thunder Spear through Titan-Pixis’ neck, killing him for good.

Dok’s Pure Titan ends up chasing Kaya and the Braus family through the streets of Shiganshina District. Kaya is only saved from being eaten by Gabi, who arrives with one of Marley’s anti-Titan weapons and blasts Titan-Niles in the face, at close range.

Both Commander Pixis and Commander Dok were key supporting characters in The attack of the Titansthe story. Pixis is the one who first intervened to save the life of Eren Jaeger, when it was discovered that he could transform into a Titan. Pixis has always been a wise (if drunk) father figure to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, as well as one of the main hopes for guiding Paradis Island to a better future. Nile Dok was also a counterweight to his friend Erwin Smith – a man hoping for the peace of a simple life with his wife and three daughters as he was caught up in a time of horror and war.

The thing about Pixis and Dok is that they seemed in a supportive enough position, with such positive character traits, it almost looked like they could survive it all and live happily ever after in the epilogue. Even when it was revealed that they both fell for Zeke’s trap, fans held out hope that they would somehow be spared (like Falco). Instead of,The attack of the Titans just turned the knife even further in our nightmares about life’s tragic turns…

The attack of the Titans 4 is streaming on Funimation and Hulu.