Attack On Titan Just Created A Brand New Titan Heir

If you didn’t know, The attack of the Titans is back and better than ever. Season four is back on the air, and its most recent episodes have been absolute fire if you ask fans. Studio MAPPA isn’t toying with the show’s final season, and its latest cliffhanger introduced a new Titan user this week.

So please be warned! There are major spoilers below for The attack of the Titans season four!

If you’re caught up in the show from now on, you’ll know how The attack of the Titans fans left hanging the other day. The episode ended with Zeke fulfilling his promise to turn much of Paradis’ army into titans. The move also transformed Falco Grice, and Colt sacrificed his life in hopes of saving his younger brother.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done to save Falco, and the boy was turned into a mindless titan. As you can imagine, fans were stunned by the decision, but all hope is not lost for the boy. Reiner proposed that Falco eat him and give him the powers of the Armored Titan. But before he could lay down his life, Porco got in the way and let himself be eaten. This will transmit the power of the Jaw Titan to Falco and give him the job he has been training for all these years.

Falco may not receive the powers of the Armored Titan, but his work as the Jaw Titan will undoubtedly be very important. Eren and Zeke seemingly lost their minds attacking their longtime friends and allies. With humanity at stake, Falco will need to unlock his powers as soon as possible, and Porco’s legacy will live on through the young boy as The attack of the Titans ends.

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