Attack on Titan launches a luxurious line of heels of its characters

Attack on Titan and Mayla Classic made a most striking and unusual collaboration within the series, as six of Hajime Isayama’s most representative characters inspired an ostentatious collection of sneakers that will be launched in Japan from May 2022.

Each of the following sneaker designs is quite detailed both in its ornamentation and accessories, while the background they are shown on gives us a better idea of ​​the character they are inspired by. Thus, we can see below three of the first Mayla Classic designs based on the characters of Eren Jaeger (left), Mikasa Ackerman (middle) and Armin Arlert (Right)

Photo: Mayla Classic

Certainly this group represents the three main protagonists of the history of Titans that has accompanied us for more than 10 years. But these are not the only shoes in this collection, as here you can see other designs inspired by Levi Ackerman (Left) Erwin Smith (middle) and Hanji Zoe (right).

These three members of the Survey Corps have become very popular among all the characters in Shingeki, so the opportunity to design a set of shoes inspired by their existence was more than evident.

Photo: Mayla Classic

The products are delivered in an original box in the form of a book and that comes with the characters inside. In addition, as a shopping privilege, a limited postcard with the same color as the shoe color purchased will be included in each product.

For those interested, each pair of shoes cost 28,600 yen (approx. $4,571 Mexican pesos) and are currently available for pre-order on supplier’s site ( until May 20. It is worth noting that international orders are accepted.

Photo: Mayla Classic

Will you try to get this collection of heels from Attack on Titan?


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