Attack on Titan: Levi’s 10 Best Enemies

Levi Ackerman has been one of the most beloved characters in Attack on Titan since it was introduced. One of the reasons is how much fans enjoy watching him fight other characters. He is one of the most powerful characters in the manga, considered “the strongest soldier of humanity” by the Eldians of Paradis.

Although he can kill normal Titans quite easily, Titan Shifters, Military Police, and others have proven to be great threats to Levi. In the manga he had a few enemies and some stood out more than others.

10 Pieck stopped Levi from defeating the Titan Beast

Pieck was the heir to the Chariot Titan. They met for the first time in Shiganshina. When Levi was about to kill Zeke, Pieck came to his aid, causing all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives, hoping that Levi would be able to defeat the Beast Titan, die in vain.

Levi and Pieck would remain enemies for a few years, as the Survey Corps and the Warrior Unit attacked each other. However, once the Rumbling started, they put their differences aside and came together to save the world.

9 Reiner was one of the Survey Corps’ greatest threatsataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 1

From the beginning of the series, the Armored Titan was one of the Study Corps’ greatest enemies. Little did any of the soldiers know that one of their companions was actually the heir to the Armored Titan, Reiner.

When Reiner revealed who he really was, his friends felt betrayed by him, many of whom were members of Levi’s squad. They would fight him many times until, like Pieck, he joined forces with theirs to stop Eren and the Rumbling.

8 Porco fought Levi at Marleyataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 2

When Porco was a child, he expected to inherit one of the Nine Titans, but was shocked when all of his companions turned into changeling Titans and he did not. Years later, he would become the heir to the Jawbone Titan, and he wanted to show that he had always deserved it.

So when the Survey Corps invaded Marley, he did everything he could to defeat them. However, when he encountered Levi, he was shocked to discover how strong he was and that the Survey Corps members were not afraid of him. Unfortunately, he died shortly thereafter, not being a threat to Paradis as were his companions.

7 Bertholdt killed many Eldenses on Paradis, including Inspection Corps soldiersataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 3

Like Reiner, Bertholdt was one of the biggest threats the Survey Corps faced early in the manga. As a Colossal Titan, he invaded both Shiganshina and Trost before his identity was revealed. When the Inspection Corps fought the Warrior Unit in Shiganshina, Bertholdt was able to kill many of Levi’s companions.

However, Eren and Armin managed to defeat him, and Armin sacrificed his life in the process. Levi decided to use the titan serum he had to save Armin’s life and make him the next Colossal Titan.

6 Rod Reiss hid many truths from Paradisataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 4

Rod Reiss was the king of Paradis and, like his ancestors, kept the truth of the world away from the Elders he ruled. One of the worst ways he did it was by killing people inside the walls who were trying to figure out what the outside world was like.

Because of this, he became a major threat to the Inspection Corps, especially after he drank Titan Serum and turned into a freak Titan that attacked his own nation.

5 Floch became a Yeageristaataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 5

Towards the end of the manga, the Yeagerists overthrew the Paradis army, and Floch played a major role in it. He did whatever he deemed necessary to stop the Survey Corps once they decided to join the Warriors Unit to end the Rumor.

He even followed them to the ship they wanted to fly in and shot him, preventing them from reaching Eren. He was killed seconds later, but as a result, Hange had to sacrifice his life to give the others the time they needed. Levi lost one of his best friends to Floch.

4 Annie killed most of Levi’s squad membersataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 6

The first Titan shape-shifter the Survey Corps fought against was Annie. In his battle with her, he attempted to capture Eren, who had joined Levi’s squad. The other members of the same, Eld, Gunther, Petra and Oluo, tried to protect Eren and died in the process.

Levi cared a great deal for them and was especially devastated when he found out that Petra wanted to marry him. However, Levi and Annie would eventually team up to defeat Eren and end the Rumbling.

3 Kenny dumped Levi and joined the Military Policeataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 7

When Levi was a child, his mother died. Kenny found him shortly after and taught him everything he could so that Levi could survive in hiding. However, after doing so, Kenny left him and became the leader of the Antipersonnel Control Squad, a part of the Military Police fighting the Inspection Corps.

Levi and Kenny would clash multiple times throughout the anime before Kenny died, revealing that he was Levi’s uncle, and giving him the Titan Serum that would ultimately save Armin’s life.

2 Eren betrayed the Corps of Inspectorsataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 8

After being able to see into the future and knowing all the terrible things he would have to do to protect his loved ones, Eren betrayed the Survey Corps. He practically forced them to invade Marley, where several soldiers were killed, including Sasha. He then led the Yeagerists as they toppled the Paradis army and acted as if he hated his friends.

Finally, it was time for the Rumbling to begin, becoming the Survey Corps’ greatest enemy. Levi considered Eren a monster from the moment they met and would eventually have to fight the boy he took into the Survey Corps.

1 Zeke faced Levi many times throughout the seriesataque a los titanes los 10 mejores enemigos de levi 9

Mankind’s strongest soldier and the heir to the Beast Titan became each other’s greatest enemy when they clashed in Shiganshina. Zeke had killed many members of the Survey Corps, including Erwin, and Levi failed to avenge them. A few years after Zeke retired to Marley, Levi would fight him a couple more times, causing him a permanent injury.

During the Rumbling, Levi hoped that instead of Eren, he and his companions could save the world by killing Zeke. Although it was not like that, Levi ended up beheading the Beast Titan, finally completing his mission.