Attack on Titan: Levi’s 10 Greatest Accomplishments, Ranked

Levi Ackerman was often regarded as the strongest non-changeable character in the world. universe ofAttack the titans. His unique lineage endows him with tremendous power and earned him the title of Captain Scout. In time, he even became Commander Erwin’s closest friend and confidant, further suggesting his unmatched usefulness to the cause.

Throughout the series, his accomplishments have paved the way for the heroes’ success, and he has rarely made mistakes. By identifying Levi’s greatest accomplishments, we can better determine the significant ways in which he influenced the series and its many characters.

10 Levi and Hange interrogate the military police together

When members of the Military Police were captured, Levi and Hange were in charge of interrogating them. Since they took a vow of allegiance, it was especially difficult to break them, despite the nails the scouts were willing to pluck.

To optimize efficiency, the heroes devised a plan. One of the captives was forced to read a script to make the other believe that he had already sold himself to his enemies. This forced the second captive to share everything he knew, which helped the scouts locate Rod Reiss before Eren was sacrificed.

9 Levi defeated Zeke after being taken to Paradisataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 1

By drugging Levi’s teammates with cerebrospinal fluid, Zeke turned them against him with a battle cry. He hoped this would give him enough time to escape, although the captain caught up with Zeke and brought him down anyway.

Although he almost managed to secure the Titan Beast for the Paradis champions, Zeke took a gamble by detonating the spear of thunder lodged in his body. He managed to heal from his injuries thanks to his status as a changing Titan, while Levi was marked for the rest of his life.

8 Levi embodied the strength of the explorers before the series beganataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 2

Levi Ackerman was a member of the Scouts before the series officially began. Attack the titans. During one of the returns from organizing an expedition, Eren was inspired that the world beyond the walls could be reclaimed by his example.

Furthermore, Levi’s previous training implied that he already had the necessary experience to fight effectively. Although his abilities stagnated (and even diminished) as the plot progressed, he still kept his companions safe as they learned the ins and outs of the battlefield.

7 Levi confronted Eren during the rumble despite his injuriesataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 3

Levi did not defend Paradis against Marley, as he was still recovering from his injuries. Zeke detonated a lance of thunder in his vicinity, and the shrapnel left a permanent, jagged scar on his face.

Nonetheless, he joined the coalition effort against Eren when the Rumbling began and intended to sever Eren’s connection to the Founding Titan by killing Zeke. By doing so, he would fulfill the promise he made to Erwin on the outskirts of Paradis.

6 Levi saved the Scouts from the Pure Titans by dropping the bodies of fallen comradesataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 4

During the return from an expedition to the forest, the explorers were ambushed by pure Titans. At first, the monsters gradually overtook the horses, much to the fear of their riders.

In order to escape, Levi ordered the scouts to dispose of the bodies of their fallen comrades. Although it was taboo, he lightened the load on the horses enough that they could flee behind the walls of Paradis and ensure that there were no more casualties on an already costly mission.

5 Levi convinced Dhalis Zachary that Eren could be worked withataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 5

When Eren was brought to court to investigate his Titan status, the Military Police clamored for his head. They distrusted his unpredictable nature; and most importantly, they didn’t want their power to be used by anyone else.

To allay the court’s fears of Eren, Levi beat him bloodied. Although the captain actually pulled out the boy’s teeth, Eren’s refusal to transform assured his audience that he could control the activation of the Attack Titan. Levi’s plan – and Eren’s containment – landed the scouts’ strongest trump card.

4 Levi saved Eren from Annie after losing to herataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 6

After Levi’s squad was decimated, Eren finally had enough. She willingly confronted Annie to avenge her companions and illustrate how well she could control her Titan.

Unsurprisingly, his lack of experience in hardening was his downfall. Although Annie defeated and balanced Eren on her tongue with ease, Levi interrupted her escape. Along with Mikasa, they rescued him from Annie’s jaws, even though they didn’t have the strength to bring her to justice for the comrades she had killed.

3 Levi defeated Kenny Ackerman during the bunker assaultataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 7

Upon discovering Eren’s location, the scouts went into action. They stormed Rod Reiss’s bunker, giving Levi a chance to face Kenny Ackerman. Considering that the villain taught his nephew everything he knew, the fight was not easy. Kenny’s use of high-powered weapons made him an especially formidable opponent.

Nonetheless, Levi defeated Kenny by closing the gap and landing a sizable slash against his stomach. Between this injury and the blow of Rod Reiss’s titan transformation, Kenny was on the brink of death when Levi caught up with him on the surface.

2 Levi stopped Porco from killing and eating Eren in Liberioataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 8

During the battle for Liberio, Porco made a daring attack on Eren. He leapt onto the Attack Titan’s neck as he battled Lara Tybur, hoping to catch him off guard and kill him instantly.

However, he could not anticipate the intervention of the scouts. Although Levi disagreed with Eren’s methods, he cut off Porco’s lower jaw to prevent him from devouring his comrade. Without the captain’s valiant rescue, Porco would have stolen the Attack Titans and Founding Titans for Marley in one ravenous bite.

1 Levi kept his promise to Erwin by defeating Zekeataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de levi clasificados 9

Zeke had established himself with a huge tactical advantage when the battle for Shiganshina began. Since he was in the middle of a field, the scouts couldn’t effectively use their ODM gear against him. Furthermore, a blockade of Pure Titans prevented their escape and placed them in the hands of Reiner and Bertholdt.

Erwin gave Levi time to close the distance with Zeke and reduce it. Although Levi tore through the villain’s body in a matter of seconds, he did not anticipate Pieck and consequently failed to finish him off. Despite the brutal losses of the scouts, Shiganshina was eventually recovered for Paradis.