Attack on Titan: Passionate collector goes viral with premium action figure

Some collectors of figurines do not let themselves be stopped by any price in the world. Not even this Attack on Titan fan from the online platform TikTok.

The finale of the great epic of Titan arrives. After the manga series ended some time ago, the Attack on Titan anime is also slowly coming to an end. From January 9, 2022, the last season of the series will be concluded with a second part. But before that, it’s time to buy some merchandise * and collect the figurines for what they’re worth.

An impressive figure that affects millions of people

Among the many Attack on Titan fans, there are collectors who like to put their hands in their pockets for their hobby. So is TikTok user, who recently went viral thanks to an impressive figure. For his followers, he unwrapped a diorama of the characters Eren Jäger and Reiner Braun in their Titan form – and garnered over 2 million likes.

Unbox Review Attack on Titan x Figurama (Limited 850) $1,410

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This figure recreates one of the series’ most epic fights in real life. This collector’s item was produced by Figurama and, at 60 centimeters and 13.5 kilograms, it is not really easy to handle.

If you want to buy the high end merchandise, you will have to shell out a lot of money. The product is part of the “Elite Exclusive” line and is limited to 850 copies, the price is therefore around 1,410 US dollars (approximately 1,215 euros). But that doesn’t stop fans like the TikTok user from following his passion. On his account he unboxes a lot of other figures and toys of this type in the high price segment – to the delight of his followers.