Attack on Titan points out its own script holes

We are at the end of Attack on Titan and the anime is so smart that it is able to point out its own script holes in the plot.

The evolution of Eren jaeger at Founding Titan (that we already explained the other day) has left some script holes along the way. But nevertheless, Attack on Titan is such an intelligent anime that it has been able to point them out. The mysterious superpower of the Founding Titan has remained in the rear of history ever since Eren used “Coordination” to escape from Reiner Y Bertholdt in the distant season two. Little by little we have been learning more details and now we know the whole truth behind this transformation. For example, that the guests of the Founding Titan make requests to Ymir Fritz, the original heir to this titan. Ymir is the one who obediently fulfills these orders from the «Roads», where he exercises control over all his descendants.

Our colleagues from ScreenRant They have explained it really well. Do you want the titans of Attack on Titan suddenly lose their power? Ymir can take care of that. Would you like to steal the ability to reproduce from Eldians? You just have to ask for it. However, when a work of fiction features divine power as extraordinarily abysmal as Eren now has, script holes inevitably arise. A lot of fans point fingers and wonder why this character or that character didn’t do this thing, considering how powerful they are.

A brave exercise in narrative introspection

While most fiction and fantasy stories try to gloss over these script holes we mentioned, Attack on Titan He has stood up to them bravely. And, surprisingly, they have proven that most of the main characters are just as confused by Eren’s new abilities as we are. He first pointed out to us a script error in the Founding Titan when armin realizes that the so-called “Pure Titans” kill the soldiers of paradise island. If Eren’s main goal is to protect the inhabitants of Paradis Island and the Founding Titan can control all titans, why doesn’t Eren stop them before they attack his companions?

The same thing happens with Gabi. If Eren relies on the Founding Titan’s strength to protect his friends, can he turn Eren’s mother? Conny in human? Armin tries to answer this by asking why Eren wouldn’t do the same for dot pixies and other soldiers poisoned by the wine of zeke. the character of Attack on Titan speculates that “detitanize” may be beyond the Founder Titan’s own power. At the same time, Gabi wonders why Eren can’t target the military bases, instead of looking for total annihilation. Presumably another script hole from the animated series.

dash holes Attack on Titan are not easy to answer, but the anime has been able to point them out. If Eren had prevented the “Pure Titans” from attacking his friends, we would not have had the epic battle of the last episode. And if he had “de-titanized” Connie’s mother, the suspense surrounding Connie’s fate Falco it would suddenly vanish. It’s also possible that Eren doesn’t have full control over the Founding Titan yet. So we still have a lot to discover!