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Attack on Titan Finale Season Part 2 continues to progress every week and keeps surprising all his fans thanks to the good work done so far. After some criticism received by the first chapters of the season, it seems that those responsible wanted to make sure that it would not be repeated, at least that is what the anime producer says.

The image of the titans in Part 2 was updated

Eren Jaeger’s adventure is about to come to an end and we are learning more and more about the production process that was carried out to show us this anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s manga.

Because of this, the producer of the second part of the last season, Tannakawa, had a recent interview with Pony Canyonwhere he clarified the updates that were made compared to what was seen in Part 1, explaining how the computer images of the Paradis and Marley titans were improved in the new chapters.

Here you can watch the interview with English subtitles:

“The models themselves have some updates, although they didn’t change much and the look is pretty much the same. It just changed the way we presented them. Especially under director Yuichiro Hayashi from the first episode, where we thought some of them could express themselves. a little better in Part 2 after what was done in Part 1,” Tannakawa said.

In addition, the Japanese stated that it was thanks to the experience of the animators obtained in the first part of the season that led them to obtain better results this time:

“It’s not a change, it’s a variation of what we did, but I think it’s an improvement. When a 3D animator keeps working on the same character for a long time, he gradually gets used to it and becomes easier to manipulate. So I think The more you work, the better you will become.”

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We remind you that the team of Attack on Titan will have a panel at Anime Japan later this month in which surprises are expected from the MAPPA study.

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