Attack on Titan: Ranking the Smartest Members of the Survey Corps

The Survey Corps is the branch of the military responsible for expeditions beyond the wall in Attack on Titan.. Unlike other military posts, where a soldier can spend his entire life without seeing a Titan, members of the Survey Corps often engage and battle Titans in the hope of conquering their enemy.

A successful scout possesses supreme combat skills along with a mastery of the ODM team. However, it is just as important to have a sharp mind and a sharp intellect that can help you formulate strategies with the best possible result. Those lacking a brain to match muscle never seem to last long in the terrifying world of Attack on Titan.

10 Connie’s underrated intelligence was one of the reasons she managed to survive for so long

Connie’s intelligence and initiative stem from a broad understanding of her own limitations. The ranger never bites off more than he can chew, a trait that has helped him survive countless encounters with the Titans. Unlike Mikasa and Levi, Connie is unable to do much on her own and therefore puts all her effort into working effectively within her team.

He also possesses a high level of emotional intelligence and remains fairly calm in battle. Connie lacks the talent to be a designated leader or strategist, and she never tries to be. Don’t underestimate their willingness to accept their own limitations.

9 Sasha has acquired an unrivaled understanding of natureataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 1

Although she is more likely to think with her stomach than with her head, Sasha is nevertheless a smart and competent soldier. Born in a remote town, Sasha learned to hunt from a young age and developed an impressive knowledge of local animals and their behavior.

His hunting experience helped him recognize that the Female Titan’s cry was a call for help, as it was similar to animal calls for help. Despite having participated in numerous expeditions outside the walls, Saha has managed to survive. That is a testament to both his physical capabilities and his wits.

8 Jean consistently proved to be a capable leaderataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 2

Although initially portrayed as a minor antagonist with a temperament that rivaled Eren’s, Jean became a leader and demonstrated his talent for tactics and strategy as the story progressed. Her good sense, even in stressful situations, is impressive, and it’s one of the main reasons Jean survives so long.

His leadership was notable during the Trost arc, despite just graduating from and joining the scouts. What makes the explorer so endearing is that despite his fear and vulnerability, he goes ahead and acts selflessly. It’s a style that contrasts with the superhuman Levi and the fearless Eren.

7 Mikasa’s battle intelligence is remarkableataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 3

Like Levi, Mikasa’s intelligence is evident in battle. It effortlessly finished at the top of its class and was recognized as a devastating weapon equivalent to 100 ordinary soldiers. True to her Ackerman name, Mikasa maintains her stoic personality even when facing the Titans and can effortlessly adapt to the ever-changing direction of combat.

In fact, Mikasa seems much more comfortable against a Titan than navigating the political minefield on Paradis. His intellect is strictly made for battle.

6 Eren could access the memories and knowledge of othersataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 4

Originally, Eren was quite ordinary. He wasn’t as smart as Armin, and he started out weaker than Mikasa. In fact, Eren only stood out for his fierce temper and inhuman perseverance. But after inheriting the Attack Titan, he could access the memories of the Attack Titan’s past and future heirs. With this ability, Eren benefited from an unparalleled understanding of world history.

This knowledge completely changed him, leading him to despise the lives of others to carry out his plan of extermination of the rest of the world. He may not possess the intellectual abilities of Armin or Hange, but his encyclopedic knowledge is unrivaled.

5 Mike was a trusted member of the Scouts and the second strongest soldier in mankindataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 5

Mike Zacharias was an underused character that fans desperately wanted to see more of. With his limited character development, it’s difficult to discern the full extent of Mike’s abilities. However, second only to Levi in ​​combat ability, Mike’s intelligence in battle was presumably top-notch and surpassed Mikasa’s.

Furthermore, he was able to sniff out the Titans and formulate plans based on their positions. Erwin trusted him enough to make him leader of the scouts, and he was respected by his companions, including Levi and Hange. It was a shame that Mike finished soon without demonstrating the extent of his abilities.

4 Levi has unrivaled fighting instinctsataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 6

Levi Ackerman is universally recognized as humanity’s strongest soldier, and his performance throughout the anime further solidifies his title. Despite being one man, he has taken down the Female Titan, the Beast Titan, and the famous Kenny the Ripper.

His physical attributes and prowess with the ODM team are almost inhuman, but it is his ability to adapt quickly and make adjustments that makes him outperform everyone else. Levi can formulate a plan in seconds, making him a terrifying opponent for humans and Titans alike. This seems to be a trait shared by all the Ackermans, although Levi has taken it to a whole new level.

3 Armin’s strategic mind contributed to his promotion to scout commanderataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 7

At first, Armin’s intelligence was clouded by his lack of confidence. It wasn’t until he was forced to assume a central role and save his companions that his intellect truly flourished. He correctly deduced the identity of the Titan Shifters and convinced hundreds of soldiers to spare Eren by appealing to his strategic prowess.

Armin possesses the best intellectual traits of Erwin and Levi, combining superior planning with quick thinking. Due to his overwhelming strengths, Armin succeeded Hange as scoutmaster.

2 Hange was Survey Corp’s own mad scientist.ataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 8

At the beginning of Attack the titans, Hange was portrayed as a titan-obsessed scout who was unafraid of Eren despite the revelation of her abilities to change titan. Hange’s persistence and eagerness to learn more about his natural enemy provided him with a wealth of information. This obvious intelligence led Erwin to name Hange as his successor.

As the leader, Hange controlled his most obsessive qualities and proved himself capable of replacing Erwin. The scouts and humanity continued to progress under Hange’s leadership.

1 Erwin was the smartest and greatest commander of the Scoutsataque a los titanes clasificacion de los miembros mas inteligentes del survey corps 9

Erwin Smith was the former leader of the Scouts and a man of immense intellect. Under his leadership, the Scouts learned a great deal about the Titans, and their missions beyond the walls were often successful. Erwin had arguably the hardest job in the world, aware that every decision he made resulted in the death of his men.

His stoic attitude allowed him to send his soldiers to their deaths, but not without benefiting the progress of humanity. During his time as captain, he developed the long-range scouting formation and adapted effortlessly to the introduction of the ever-changing Titans.