Attack on Titan reaches the NFL thanks to a Seattle Seahawks player – Senpai

Anime is no longer alien in the sports world, since the taste and fanaticism for various series has reached the playing fields by the athletes themselves. Such is the case of a Seattle Seahawks player who showed his passion for Attack on Titan in one of the NFL games.

The reference to Shingeki no Kyojin It happened last Sunday, December 5, during the Seattle Seahawks game against the San Francisco 49ers. The match was won by the seahawks team with a score of 30 – 23.

Undoubtedly an important victory for the whole of the largest city Washington, although we cannot deny that the most relevant thing about this meeting, at least for NFL fans and otakus at heart, was the celebration of the runner Travis Homer who, after a tremendous touchdown, made the famous greeting that all the members of the Paradis Armed Forces make but that we have seen mainly from Eren, Armin and other members of the Scouting Corps.

Foto: Reddit – Expensive-Market-233

The Reddit user Expensiver-Market-233 was the one who noticed the action by the broker so he did not hesitate to photograph it with his cell phone and then share it through his profile. The famous “Shinzo wo Sasageyo” which can be translated as “Surrender your Hearts”, is the salute that the military of SNK placing his right fist just at the height of the heart which represents respect and support for the cause of the armed forces which is to fight for a free life for humanity outside the walls.

Attack on Titan It is an anime that from the beginning managed to captivate thousands of people around the world and that now returns to present, perhaps now more than ever, since the second part of the final season is nowhere near being released.

What did you think of the celebration inspired by Attack on Titan during the NFL game?


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