Attack on Titan reveals preview of chapter 87, the end is not yet here | Spaghetti Code

Attack on Titan will premiere its 87th episode this weekend, and despite being the last of the second part of the Final Season, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to show us the conclusion of the series once and for all. However You can now take a look at a short preview of the chapter that will raise your spirits. hype through the skies.

Chapter 87 of Attack on Titan will bear the title “The Dawn of Humanity”, and opens this Sunday, April 3. A lot there has been talk of the future of the series, because despite being the last chapter of the series, it will not be enough to cover what remains of the story. Theories are already circulating, the most common being Attack on Titan will have a movie to conclude his story on the big screen. However nothing has been confirmed yet.

The truth is that Eren’s plan is still going on, and the next episode of the anime could finally reveal the intentions of the bearer of the Founding Titan:

What are the Jaeger brothers planning? | Image: MAPPA

The preview also revealed the credits for the episode which will feature Hiroshi Seko writing the script, Hidekazu Hara, Hayashi Kazuki Akane, and Yuchiro Hayashi writing the script. story board and Hidekazu Hara directing chapter 87. On the other hand, Daisuke Niinuma, Manabu Akita, and Jinsichi Yamaguchi will serve as chief animation directors, while Mikine Kuwahara, Hiroko Komatsu, Wang Wei Qing, and Park Dae-Yeol will serve as animation directors. .

So while you can take a look at the movies of Attack on Titan before the premiere of chapter 87, all from the comfort of your armchair.


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