Attack on Titan: reveals special event for the end of the anime

It’s not long before the grand finale Attack on Titanthe series that has been following the history of the Scout Regiment for some time, putting Eren jaeger and his friends through hell and back as they learned about the horror that surrounds their world, and is now both inside and outside of Paradis. And it is that, with the final episodes arriving next year, Eren Jaeger leads a Colossal Titan army both in Marley and in the world, and now it has been revealed that there will be a special event in November that will unite the voice actors of the anime and it will bring some big surprises.

Since the last time we left the heroes of Survey Corpswere between a rock and a hard place, realizing that they might need to kill their old friend Eren to stop his genocidal rampage after gaining the Founding Titan’s powers, so by acquiring an airship at the cost of killing his old friends who had become Jaegers: my house, armin and the rest of the new scout regiment now head to confront Eren directly, hoping to convince him.

But, should a fight break out between the two sides, the gang of soldiers will have to think long and hard about whether it’s possible to defeat Eren in his current state, and now, the official Twitter account of Shingeki no Kyojin shared a first look at the event for the final season that will bring together some of the main voice actors that have been a part of the anime adaptation since the beginning, as well as musical performances that will produce some amazing songs from the series. anime.

This event will take place on November 13, and although the release date of the final episodes that will close the story of Attack on Titan has not yet been revealed, they will bring us closer to the anime, just as we must bear in mind that the manga of Hajime Isayama has not revealed any clues about a possible sequel so far, but they are not closed to the possibility either.