Attack on Titan – season 4, episode 18 – review


Last episode Attack on Titan started with a scene we had already seen the previous week. It was extended by the decision that the main characters made. They decided they had to save Eren and help him summon the Rumble. It has not been easy for everyone. Jean and Connie still have a lot of doubts, but they try to believe in the rightness of Eren’s actions, whom they still consider a friend. They collected their maneuver gear and headed out to the battlefield. The scene where they come out of the tunnel and up the stairs was really awesome and atmospheric.

In their turn, Reiner, Porco, Pieck tried with all their might to stop Jeager. His terrifying, super-powered roar in the form of a titan, as well as the scream within him, reminded us of ancient Eren, who always loudly expressed his anger and determination to kill titans. He breaks free from the armored man’s grasp just in time when Zeke, in his animal titan form, comes to his rescue. The light-haired Jaeger hurled boulders at his opponents in style, spectacularly destroying the airship (much to the delight of Yelena, who was delighted). For the rest of the episode, we saw the brothers slowly grow closer, despite the best efforts of Reiner and the others. Thanks to a clever plan by Pieck, Magath managed to hit Zeke with a missile, which was breathtaking. Zeke fell off the wall, but Eren and his brother still seem to be in a strong position. They will be aided by Armin, Mikasa, Connie and Jean, and apparently an army of Pyxis.

The MAPPA studio is also to be commended, as we saw some excellent animation in this episode. The fight between the titans has been detailed to the smallest detail. Several other shots were also superb, like Yelena against the airship or the frames of the wall behind Eren, on which Zeke sat enthroned. We have a certain analogy here with the memorable moment when Bertholdt in titan form attacked Shiganshina in the pilot episode. And we can’t forget the bright face of Armin from Yelena, which was perfectly transferred from the pages of the manga to the anime. His face was both scary, but also made us laugh to tears, although no one in this situation laughed.

The story also followed Gabi and Falco. Nile unexpectedly escorted his brother to Colt, as he himself misses his family. It was a nice gesture that the enemies could help each other and understand each other, because in the end, Gabi too realized that the inhabitants of Heaven are not at all the devils that she thought they were ( or rather that he had been told). That’s exactly how Reiner felt when he came here on his mission, as the young heroine pointed out. Also, Falco confessed his love to him, in case he is turned into a titan by Zeke’s power. It really wasn’t the right time for that kind of sincerity – everyone felt awkward. But the boy showed courage, realizing his unenviable situation. Getting rid of his black armband was also symbolic.

Eighteenth episode of season 4 Attack on Titan was a solid demonstration of the destructive power of the titans, and the MAPPA studio did not disappoint expectations in this regard. They deserve high praise because watching the titans in action is great fun and adds to the excitement with the background music. The events on the walls and in the city were slowed down by scenes where the characters were hiding or preparing a plan of action. Luckily, that didn’t disrupt the smooth flowing rhythm. All events are important for the plot, which unfolds in an exciting way. Manga readers are already rubbing their hands as we finally get closer to one of the most filmed episodes of all time… Attack on Titan. Attention !