Attack on Titan – season 4, episode 19 – review


First half of the 19th episode Attack on Titan It was a breathtaking action movie. Reiner fought with Eren to keep him from touching Zeke, who was barely alive after falling off the wall. Colt desperately tried to stop the Titan Animal wielder from screaming to activate the titan’s power on humans. It was an emotional moment as he threatened to make his brother a titan. The level of tension was immense, but ultimately Zeke disobeyed the request, also seeing his own parallels with Eren. Chills ran down my spine at the sight of several familiar characters transforming into titans, and then the entire city being taken over by them. The real terror had begun!

And to think that we are only talking about the first five minutes of the episode (not counting the opening)! In the minutes that followed, the action did not slow down. Eren’s friends also rushed to help him, resulting in some beautiful and impressive shots. This time, Reiner had to fight not only the owner of the Prime Titan, but also the transformed Falco. For a moment, it seemed that after Porco’s supposed death, the light-haired hero might finally let go and transfer power to the boy who tried to rip his neck off. But it turned out that Galliard had simply managed to come out of his shell with the rest of his strength. He decided to sacrifice himself, thus proving that he deserved the power of Armored. Here again, the MAPPA studio distinguished itself by brilliantly animating the terrible wounds of Porco, who ended up being devoured by Falco. Still, the most shocking scene of the episode took place moments later, when Eren ran towards Zeke. The slow motion was working perfectly, and the excitement came to a head when Gabi blew Eren’s head off. Fortunately, the MAPPA studio did not censor this bloody and trying scene, after which you had to recover quickly and take a deep breath.

After a short break to decode the retained information, we returned to the second part of the episode. We were first served a flashback to when Eren agreed to Zeke’s plan – the creators still wanted to give viewers a moment to calm down and remember what the deal was about. Then we moved on to the rest of the story, in which it was revealed that the youngest of the Jaegers wasn’t quite dead yet. Again, I have to commend the studio for how well they managed to transfer events from the pages of the manga via a frozen moment in time, as well as a dynamic, dark edit of various shots of Eren’s memories. We then headed to the Path, where a chained Zeke was waiting for his brother. A mysterious girl named Ymir has appeared, who seems to be the key to the mystery surrounding the titans, as well as the person through whom the powers of the Primordial can be used. Emotions subsided somewhat, as in this part of the episode the characters simply talked to each other. This conversation took a lot of twists when Eren betrayed his brother, not to execute a plan to euthanize him, but to trigger the Rumble. After a while, it was revealed that Ymir had become Zeke’s slave. Even though the second part of the episode wasn’t as dynamic as the first, it sparked great curiosity about what was to come, and brought the audience one step closer to solving the mystery of the titans.

A lot happens in this nineteenth episode, since the creators have decided to cram no less than two chapters. The first segment, in particular, feels a little too action-packed, but nonetheless it all played out here. Every key moment was as exciting as it should have been. Before the episode, I was worried about whether the MAPPA studio would be up to it to produce these events at the highest level, because in the first half of the season, there were a lot of differences. The break they gave themselves in the middle of the series allowed them to polish all the details of the animation. Hats off to them!

Nineteenth episode Attack on Titan it was brilliant in every sense of the word. Nothing was missing. He excited, surprised and shocked. It was a real feast for the eyes (even in macabre moments) and for the ears. The music composed by the duo Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto was perfectly suited. A fantastic episode that also ended with an intriguing cliffhanger. I look forward to more exciting episodes!