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As we near the end of season 4, Great Earthworks is no longer the only concern of the protagonists of The attack of the Titans. This new episode, less rich in action than the previous one, makes it clear to us.




With such suspense in the previous episode, it was impossible not to start by showing us how Annie is doing. Therefore, we are in the District of Trost, initially in the company of this beloved Hitch, who has bought a lot of charisma since his first appearance at the end of season 1. The latter is in charge of helping the survivors of the collapse of the walls, a consequence of Eren’s madness. This introduction also confirms that the “hero” has nothing to do with the poor bastards who are in the passage of the Colossals.

And we notice that, barely coming out of her crystal, Annie goes into predatory mode to get out of this trap. But Hitch’s composure seems infallible and the two former comrades end up amicably settling it. We discovered that Annie’s dream did not prevent her from hearing what her visitors might tell her., we are relieved to know that you listened to Armin’s words. When is the kiss?

The episode also gives us a lot of information about Annie’s state of mind, her ambitions, her regrets, her goal… It’s touching to see her in this state, she who has always been so impassive. She tells us that she was abandoned at birth, then adopted by an Eldian “from a foreign country.” And all these years Miss Leonhart had only her promise to her father in mind: to come home alive.. But if he succeeds, will his father still be alive?

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Like Annie, who contains within her a little girl who wants to find her father, Conny is a little boy who wants to save his mother. But we know and we can’t see him resolving to throw a child into a titan’s mouth, for whatever reason. But after Sasha’s death, the massacre of the officers and the start of the Great Earthquake, it could also be understood that her judgment is somewhat affected by so many emotional upheavals. In this case, it is Armin who will have to stop him.

Little Armin, let’s talk about it. So often (if not always), Eren and Mikasa’s best friend shows insight even in such a chaotic situation. Eren’s business aside, Armin sets his sights on saving Falco, which will allow Gaby to trust the Scouting Battalion, possibly leading him into dialogue with the other Prime Titans. Despite his talent for analysis, he still considers that Erwin should have lived in his place. But we love you, Armin.

His lucidity certainly gives him an advantage, but… If Armin heads north, sure to come across annie and hitch going south. Did she foresee it? Or will they run into Conny and Falco first? We can’t wait (yes, we say that almost every week, so what?)


Cataclop, cataclop.

darth vorster

From the beginning of the episode, the people on the walls show their loyalty to Eren, despite the hundreds of innocent people he killed. We think that these losses could have been avoided, but the protagonist was too lazy to ask them to move away from the walls. Therefore, the pro-Jägers are very happy because they are about to take control of Paradise that will soon be the last bastion of Humanity. Like what, season 1 really wasn’t lying by wanting us to believe that there were no humans beyond the walls.

Many balances of power are established in this episode, starting with Jean and Mikasa finding themselves alone against the pro-Jäger who control Shiganshina. Normally, we wouldn’t worry about these two much smarter and more experienced characters. than Frock and his bunch of losers. But with everything that is happening, Jean and Mikasa are distraught and do not know where to stand… But, there is a “but”.

After Frock tells him that he can go back to being the cocky slacker he was in Season 1, Jean gives us a little “What did you say, there? ». We’ve seen enough anime to know that this type of prayer can escalate a situation in no time. And then we want to see Mikasa kick some butt! Is it too much to ask?

Attack on titans: photoGet up, I’m here, you’re not alone

For his part, Sadies remains true to himself and shows that, Behind his strict and stern officer behavior, his only goal is to protect the young recruits.. He clearly tells the young soldiers, who beat him up in the first part of the season and whom he saved in the previous episode, to join the pro-Jäger to betray them when the time is right. We must not forget that Sadies was in command of the scouting battalion with Erwin and that, ahead of the curve, he knows him. Will his death inspire the first anti-Jäger resisters?

Speaking of resistance, we have the strange impression that many riots are preparing in the eldian ghettos all over the continent. Whether that will pay off before the Colossal Titans arrive remains to be seen. What is certain is that the airships of Mahr’s army will arrive on the mainland before Eren, allowing (perhaps) the inhabitants of the mainland to evacuate the cities. It may be possible to put civilians on large ships that will sail out to sea where the titans have no foothold. But if such a sordid plan (straight from the author’s mind) ever came to fruition, the Eldians wouldn’t care.

Attack on titans: photo“You are the spark that will illuminate the galaxy”

We thank Armin for mentioning Historia and for having specified that she was perhaps in danger, we sincerely hope that fate forgives her, but we wonder more and more if the setting still gives any importance to the queen of the walls. . Other characters expected to hear from were Hansi and Levi, we were not disappointed. Approaching Peak and Magath directly, the battalion commander must have an idea in mind. Are you looking for a temporary alliance? Or does he want to turn Ackerman into a pure Titan to eat Peak? Imagine the havoc Levi could wreak as the First Titan.

We said goodbye telling them about the nice hug that Kaya and Gaby give each other. In a few days, the two teenagers met, hated each other, tried to kill each other, but today they love each other like sisters. It is very moving to see the tenderness that Sasha’s parents have for the one who killed her daughter. The Braus family is a true lesson in humanity, forgiveness and altruism. Be like those people, Eren. Regardless, we knew the script was going to try to make us love Gaby. But he didn’t just try… She succeeded.

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