Attack on Titan – season 4, episode 24 – review


new episode Attack on Titan began with a brief flashback in which we saw the fates of Levi and Hange. The woman bandaged Ackermann, who had suffered serious injuries. The mutilated face probably won’t be a problem for him, but the loss of fingers could be troublesome from the perspective of a fight with space maneuvering equipment. Additionally, Hange had to kill scouts, which she also experienced a lot. Anyway, after telling us what was going on with these two, we quickly moved on to the news that hit Pieck and Magath. Viewers haven’t yet had a chance to see Eren in all his glory in the form of the Prime Titan (only from afar), but based on the character descriptions, he’s unstoppable. However, the heroes quickly agreed that they had to stop him together. It was a solid start to an episode that explained everything effectively.

What was most exciting was the plot of Connie dragging Falco to her village of Ragako. He was driven by remorse, but determined to give it to his titan-turned mother. He tried to take advantage of the boy’s naivety to the end, even adopting a questioning expression. Now was not the time to make jokes with a distorted face, which was far from Yelena or Armin anyway. Just in time, Gabi and the aforesaid Armin arrived at the village to arrest Conni. The light-haired boy’s decision to sacrifice himself was surprising. The emotions are at their peak, thanks to a very good animation and excellent background music. But as quickly as they got on, they calmed down after Connie saved Armin from being devoured by his mother. Studio MAPPA added a glimpse of the titan, looking at these characters, which made the situation more serious. The tension eased, and the characters calmly explained themselves to each other. It was a little bland, and Connie’s whole storyline was wrapped up in minutes, with her final decision to fight to make her mother proud of her. It is a pity that a little more time was not devoted to the suffering of Falco, who lost his brother and his friend (Porco).

Which is why, when we later watched the four sit down to eat in a peaceful relationship, it was hard to believe that moments earlier we had experienced such emotions. Especially when they sat down at the table where Annie was eating. He looked funny, which made Connie laugh. However, this change in mood came too abruptly. Admittedly, this is consistent with the manga, but we still notice that the story is accelerated by these “accidental” encounters.

And while the Armin and Connie storyline generated the most emotion, in terms of the overall story, the Jean-related one was much more engaging. He had already had a depression in the previous episode, and in the last, he followed the orders of Floch, who abused the famous “slogan” to sacrifice his heart to the cause. In his mouth, these words, with which he encouraged Erwin in battle, still ring false. Anyway, Smith even appeared in Armin’s memoir, which allowed us to admire his appearance in the studio version of MAPPA. The effect is quite satisfactory. Going back to the Floch thread, it was Jaegerist who organized the execution of Yelena and Onyankopon. There was a lot of tension here, as we know he’s capable of any murder, as he proved in the previous episode. The emotion grows as the black hero tries to reason with the Jaegerists by explaining to them that he acts not only in the name of his own country, but also of Paradis by being their ally. What happened next was surprising: Jean failed to shoot Onyankopon, and the Transport Titan devoured them and Yelena. It turned out to be part of the plan, but at least this thread didn’t disappoint, even with its ending, which studio MAPPA applied to.

Mention should also be made of Mikasa, who is plunged into depression after losing Eren. She found at the hospital Louise, mortally wounded, who took her scarf. Her explanation was moving, but it didn’t impress the brooding Mikasa, whose facial expression indicated that she cared nothing for the girl’s fate. The indifference and passivity of this heroine are irritating. She may be a fantasy warrior capable of matching the strength of the titans, but in terms of character, she’s a terrible person who doesn’t see the world outside of Eren. There’s no reason to have any sympathy for her, especially after the way she treated Louise, who looked up to her, unceremoniously. Mikasa is in pain, but one can’t help but think that even if she hadn’t heard those mean words about Eren from the girl, she would have reacted the same way. Some may see it as a sign of boundless love, but it’s better to call it a sickly obsession that has completely stalled any development of this bland character throughout the story. It’s sad, but very typical of anime, and you have to get over it.

At the end of the episode, we saw Reiner again, asleep from his transformation into a titan. Either way, most of the characters in this episode had the opportunity to regenerate or relive traumatic events at night, to the sound of the rumble of walking titans. It was impressive. Meanwhile, the assembled heroes have woken Reiner, telling him it’s time to save the world. This frame was awesome, almost straight out of the manga. That being said, the episode ended on an exciting note, as it promises some interesting events and a full cast of main characters.

Twenty-fourth episode Attack on Titan didn’t go smoothly, but had two thrilling highlights. We watched several threads, but it didn’t cause any confusion as the story was laid out very clearly and in line with the manga. These color changes are a bit fiddly, but on the other hand, it’s easy to see the passage of time. In this episode, the quality of the animation from the MAPPA studio suffered a lot, but the small failures in the line are not a reason to complain much. The important thing is that the story moves forward boldly and that the different threads are successively closed in this final season. The episode was good, it wasn’t boring, it was interesting from start to finish.