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the characters of The attack of the Titans form an exciting alliance in the 25th episode of a season 4 that is coming to an end.


Until we know where Sieg is, Levi is sleeping.

To our comrades who left too soon

From season 1 (also called “the good old days”), we know that Mikasa caught Jean’s eye. But maybe it’s a little more than a crush ’cause the episode begins with a fantasy of Jean, in which he has a child with her. This could be a very nice happy ending for both characters… But we don’t believe it too much, if we believe it.

If we could blame the previous episode for The attack of the Titans to go (a little) too fast in their way of advancing the anti-earthmoving plan, the novel’s introduction goes back to the night preceding the protagonists’ flight out of Shiganshina, allowing for a step back in position. of Juan And above all, the episode starts very strongly with a Hansi monologue reminding us how imperative it is to stop Eren. We get a lump in our throats as the ghosts of those who gave their lives in the name of freedom appear around Jean, Mikasa and Hansi.

Attack on titans: photoCould you stop being dead, please?

It’s already been three episodes since halftime started, some characters still need to rest (on the right, Levi), teams are reorganizing, merging, Historia is still sitting in her rocking chair, etc. The reveals are also on hiatus. We don’t really have much to learn the first five episodes of this second part have been generous enough. We are told that Jelena is not from a country annexed by Mahr, but from a Mahr who worked for the destruction of her homeland. She still adds depth to the character, but the staging of the dialogue is perhaps too much.

The reunion of the original team (what’s left of her and without Eren) seemed like it was going too good to be true. It was time for the petty tensions to blow up. We can talk about Magath who can do nothing but speak ill of the Eldians. But does the new Chief of Staff really mean everything he says about these people? He still has, once again, the air of worrying about Gaby. Of course, Jelena’s tirade about almost everyone having things to be ashamed of is interesting, if not necessarily helpful.

Jelena also shows that she loves chaos by bringing up an angry topic: Marco’s death. It is finally a great opportunity for Reiner to take full responsibility. The death of the kindest of them is coldly portrayed and the quote of his last words is heartbreaking. Jean takes the opportunity to beat the crap out of him (it’s not every day you get to punch the Dreadnaught Titan in the face), which is starting to become a habit for Reiner this season.

Attack on titans: photoMikasa vs. four titans

I like what you have

Let us know if you think things are off with us but there is a semblance of sexual tension between Jelena and Peak in her titanic form or is that what we were dreaming of? If so, we can understand Jelena, because when Peak pops out of Charrette’s neck after her recon mission, the warrior Mahr shows a lot of class (even if her Titan is still ugly).

Class and charisma are also what drive many characters in the episode. Even Magath has a right to it. He may be the underdog of the bunch, and he sits still with a bottle in his hand throughout the episode, his voice and his calmness giving him a certain stature. During their confrontation, Jean is nervous and remains on his feet, but it is not the desire to oppose them on stage that will leave the great Kirschtein completely helpless. This tortured side gives Jean a detective look in a film noir.and we put a thumbs up.

And how can we forget our two queens? Mikasa and Annie briefly turned up the heat, one prepares to draw her sabers while the other prepares to use her ring. We immediately think of their fight in season 1, when they were just recruits in the army (we still don’t know which one of them had won). We don’t know if four years in a cocoon has drained her or revitalized her, but Annie seems to be on a par with Mikasa, it just remains to be seen if her alliance will last.

Attack on titans: photoA killer aura or an Ackerman vibe?

You’ve probably noticed that the color tone has finally changed in this new episode. We leave the orange light so dear to MAPPA to go towards a purple forest, a much cooler color, and above all much more unusual in the cinema or on television. We hope that the studio will offer us even more varieties of colors in the next episodes. A quick reminder: there are only three left.

In the little details that are funny, we have Jelena highlighting the fact that Sasha was the most blameless of the bunch, it’s not entirely untrue. We also have the » stop screaming by Levi, the kind of phrase that reminds us of the good old days. And among the details that give less pleasure, the pro-Jäger have taken control of the port and Kiyomi’s life is threatened by pants Dress. This last one she promised that she would give her life for Mikasa (Heazul’s heir to the throne), she will soon have the opportunity to prove it. The next episode heralds beautiful infiltration sequences, we can’t wait to see what it has to offer.

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