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Now there is only one episode left before the season 4 finale of The attack of the Titanswhile the Grand Terrassement has only just begun.

Warning: spoilers everywhere!

First and last warning


In last week’s episode, the newly formed anti-Jaëger attempted to seize the Azumabito clan’s seaplane through deception rather than force. But Frock’s paranoia derailed his plan, and Armin and Conny had to get their hands dirty by reluctantly killing their former classmates. What was supposed to be a simple bloodless requisition eventually became murderous assault, much more enjoyable on our side of the screen than theirs.

Now that the anime has (a priori) lifted the veil on all the mysteries of its plot, this penultimate episode shows more generous in action with the perfectly choreographed and staged stunt sequences that were missing from this last season. Although her existential crisis was understandable after Eren’s revelations, it’s good to see Mikasa regaining her charisma cutting down everything in sight, as well as Conny and Jean, whose mettle has long been tested, but whose shows of strength remain rare enough to surprise every time.

Attack on titans: photoThis episode is literally raining blood.

Even Hansi bravely recalls that it did not rob him of his place as a former Major of the Scouting Battalion, as well as his new status as leader of the Resistance. And luckily for the pro-Jaëger that Levi is still on the mend, though his retirement is quite frustrating after his miraculous return of the dead While the situation is lost, the heroes (seeking to save the world and thus finally deserve this appellation) refuse to submit or remain helpless, and thus are clearly embarked on a suicide mission, which their fervor has tended to camouflage until now.

The meeting and farewell of Magath and Sadies – who was therefore entitled to her fifteenth hour of glory after remaining in the background throughout the anime – is a painful reminder of this. Their deaths, provoked without effusiveness and almost delicately, are probably the most symbolic and heroic of the entire series. (Without detracting from Erwin’s credit, of course). Speaking of heroism, Gaby finally ended her redemption arc by killing Frock, the less steamy antagonistic figure than Eren, who is always more subject to fate than his thirst for freedom.

Attack on titans: photoThat’s called lending a helping hand


After this episode called Retrospecttechnically it remains one more episode before the end of season 4, which will also air on Sunday April 3 and not March 27. And so far, it’s still hard to believe that a single 25-minute episode can adequately wrap up the story and justify the disappearance of history. It will also leave little to no time for Levi to finally pick up weapons again, if only to kill one person (and we all know he doesn’t need both legs or all ten fingers for that). Falco’s Jaw Titan should also play a big part in the finale, as his skin is too cool to only appear for a few minutes throughout the season.

If the outbreak of the Grand Terrassement could still be doubted a few weeks ago, it now seems difficult to imagine that the anti-Jaëger cannot stop it. If there is not enough time left to establish a possible international coalition, the decapitation of Eren and the extermination of the power of Titan at the same time remains the most plausible option. And to believe the footer call of the post-genre scene, it’s a safe bet that it will be Mikasa who will take it out on him, perhaps even without Eren putting up the slightest resistance. After all, his true thoughts and motives remain the last gray area in history.

The new episode of Attack on Titan season 4 is available on Wakanim and Crunchyroll.

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