Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 76: Judgment Day Comes to Paradis – Senpai

Here we are at the beginning of the end for the anime from Attack on Titan, same that begins with this explosive summary of episode 76 (“Judgment”) and that makes clear the intentions of where the final fight of the Titans is heading: wars, wars, more wars and finally a “rumble” that as predicts its new opening… It is coming.

Episode 75 ended (aired more than a year ago) ended with an irresistible hook for our eyes as it augured the return of Marley’s armed forces invading the island of Paradis, while a confident Eren Jaeger invited Reiner to exchange blows in the greatest of their confrontations (go that there is already memes of it).

The progress of the story is just as they had left us waiting: with a confrontation between two enemy fronts and that is carried out (it had to be) by the titans that lie on both sides: Founder (Eren) vs. Battleship (Reiner), Wagon (Pieck), and Jaws (Galliard).

MAPPA brings back the grotesque and fascinating side of the Titans | Photo: MAPPA

MAPPA has not cut anything in showing us the brutal and crude environment that a war can have: bloodbaths, showers of gunfire everywhere and even a certain feeling of “sadism” among the soldiers were enough for 20 minutes to pass too quickly and they will leave us with more desire to see what will happen next.

What was your favorite part of episode 76 of Attack on Titan?


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