Attack On Titan Season 4 Finally Verifies Levi’s Condition TechRadar

The attack of the Titans has become the go-to Sunday social media show, and it’s not hard to see why. The hit series is dropping episodes left and right for season four, each one better than the last. There’s so much to juggle between Eren and humanity’s final war that many get lost in the cracks. But right now, the whole fandom is united to finally welcome Levi to the anime.

The time came not long ago The attack of the Titans now faces the fallout of Eren’s latest choice. After turning his back on his friend, Eren wiped out his homeland’s army and turned many of its soldiers into titans. Eren is now leading a full army of Colossal Titans to Marley for war, and Zeke is right there with him. And while the latter may think Levi is out of the picture right now, that’s far from the case.

We know that Levi survived his encounter with Zeke, and that was made clear today thanks to Hange. The hero showed up at the end of this week The attack of the Titans episode to make a deal with Pieck and Marley’s soldiers on their land. Both sides have no choice but to team up if they want to stop Eren, after all. The two parties start negotiating a deal, but Hange can’t finish the terms on her own. She needs Levi to do it, and a horse pulls up carrying the bandaged soldier in his cart.

The episode ends as soon as Levi appears, but The attack of the Titans fans can’t deny the hero is alive despite his injuries. As you can see from the slides below, the internet is now losing its collective spirit over the comeback, and fans are ready to see Levi get back in action ASAP!

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