Attack On Titan Season 4 Has One Of The Most Streamed Anime Tracks Right Now

The attack of the Titans The final season promises to end the battle between the people of Paradis and the Nation of Marley, with Eren Jaeger unleashing the Rumbling and looking to kill anyone without Eldian blood in their veins. With the second half of season four releasing an OP from the band, SiM, “The Rumbling” has broken records for how many times anime fans listen to this death metal anthem. Now, it looks like The Rumbling’s streaming numbers are as big as the show’s Colossal Titans.

In a recent report for Spotify, The attack of the Titans The ballad from the final season has been streamed approximately thirty-four million times, blowing away the competition which, ironically enough, is the series ending theme in “Akuma no Ko,” well below Attack’s streaming numbers. On Titan are other major series such as Ranking of Kings, One Piece, My Dress-Up Darling and Tokyo 24th Ward Opening to name a few. With only a handful of episodes left in this final season, fans are beginning to wonder if the dark franchise will bring its story to an end via a movie, or even a third part of its final season.

The attack of the Titans was nothing if not unpredictable, with Eren gaining the power of the Founding Titan and stabbing his brother Zeke in the back revealing his true plan to kill everyone on the planet who isn’t a “Child of Ymir”, Becoming effectively the villain of the series, Eren is now in a form greater than anything we’ve ever seen, allowing him to not only control hundreds of colossal Titans, but also have complete control over anyone who is an Eldian.

Now the scout regiment find themselves with a gruesome decision as they must now choose whether they will follow their old friend Eren and his genocidal machinations or attempt the seemingly futile task of fighting against Jaeger and his vast army. Needless to say, things are only going to get worse for all parties involved as the dark anime draws closer to its grand finale.

What do you think of The attack of the Titans does the opening theme continue to top the charts? What has been your favorite opening in the series so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Titans.

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