Attack On Titan Season 4 Is Under Fire For Its Overtime Schedule

The attack of the Titans is one of the biggest TV shows these days, and the anime fandom is watching the series closely. After a long wait, the series made a comeback in early 2022 with its latest premiere. Season four will end the show after more than a decade, but even its most intense fans are asking MAPPA about its insane work schedule.

The line of questioning was revealed after a post from Teruyuki Omine surfaced online. The episode’s director often published articles about their work on The attack of the Titans, and season four was no exception. However, a recent update has fans doing a double take.

After all, Omine told fans around the beginning of February that he had been working for over 40 weeks. In fact, he wrote everyone on the 7th that he “just got home for the first time in three days,” which is crazy.

It’s hard to imagine a job keeping you busy for 72 hours straight, but that seems to be how Omine handled a recent week at the office. Fans were stunned by his confession, and their shock is now mounting online. This all comes as overtime demands and the anime industry’s low wages are scrutinized by fans. And when your show is as big as The attack of the Titansyou can bet someone is going to rally against future talent being treated like Omine was.

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