Attack On Titan Season 4 Just Jumpscared Everyone (Including Armin)

The attack of the Titans season four has returned to television, which means the end of the anime is near. After more than a decade, the hit series promises to conclude Eren’s journey this year, and fans welcomed a big episode today. But above all, they hosted one of the most anticipated scenes of the season thanks to Yelena.

It all happened today when The attack of the Titans released its last episode overseas. This is where fans watched Armin and Mikasa escape from prison to intervene with an ambush outside. Eren’s troops battle Marley as the battle for humanity kicks into high gear… and Yelena has gone and made everything worse.

Armin continued to plead with his friends to save Eren, but things took a turn when Connie and Mikasa put on rather horrified faces. A body suddenly appeared behind Armin, and fans watched the camera lift towards Yelena. However, their usual blank expression was gone and replaced with an ugly, traumatic one.

Even Armin was stunned by the ugly look, but Yelena finally wiped it off. They just asked Armin to save Eren, and the request is selfish. After all, Yelena has wanted to annihilate Marley for ages, and Eren is the best hope to do so. And while Armin and Mikasa may not agree with their friend’s rebellion, fans know they will help the boy regardless.

Of course, this instinct will have to change at some point. Today’s new episode ended with Zeke on the hunt, and the Beast Titan will do whatever he can to help his brother. If Eren doesn’t back down, his friends will be forced to fight for real, and we can only imagine how upsetting that is. The attack of the Titans confrontation could be…

Did you think MAPPA had the guts to pull off this scene? How do you like The attack of the Titans season four so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.