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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1 Coming to Prime Video

Select Vision announces this Friday, through his account Twitter, that Attack on Titan Season Finale Part 1 will arrive on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video the next February 17th. These 16 chapters will have dubbing Spanish as well as Japanese audio with subtitles. Select Vision also indicates that these chapters will arrive early in Physical format.

Attack the titans It has four seasons so far. The second part of the fourth will be the last of them, which began airing in Japan on January 9. This final batch of episodes can be followed via Crunchyroll, who all sundays at 21:45 hrs (peninsular time) premiere a new episode in simulcast with Japan. All seasons of the series, including the OVAS, are available at Crunchyroll in VOSE. On the other hand in Amazon Prime Video The first three seasons are currently available dubbed in Spanish as well as in Japanese with subtitles.

The first three seasons were made by WIT Studio, but for the last one he went on to take charge of the study MAP. In addition to this, Attack the titans it also has several compilation movies and 8 OVAs. The animated series arrived in Spain from the hand of Select Vision. The distributor launched the first three seasons on the market both in Blu-ray like in DVD, as well as their respective compilation films. The third season could be seen in simulcast in the original version with subtitles in Spanish through its Web page, same method used for the first part of the fourth season.

the sleeve of Attack the titans was published in the pages of the magazine Monthly Shônen Magazine from Kodansha and has a total of 34 compiled volumes. In Spain, Editorial Standard publishes this work, as well as several spin-offs and novels.

The human race, once rulers of the world, faces extinction at the hands of the Titans, gigantic monsters of limited intelligence who hunt and eat people for fun. Survivors huddle together and try to survive in a small town… but some have had enough: they’re going to attack!

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