Attack On Titan Season 4 Promo Teases One Of Annie’s Reunions


The fourth and final season of The attack of the Titans hold nothing back as Eren Jaeger became a genocidal maniac by releasing countless colossal Titans from the walls of Paradise in a deadly move known as Rumbling. With Eren using the Founding Titan’s power to undo all the “hardening” in order to free the Colossals, his action had an unintended consequence in that he also freed the Female Titan Annie, who was locked up in a prison of she. own creation since the end of the anime adaptation’s first season.

Annie was the first undercover agent discovered within the ranks of the Scout Regiment and while locked in her crystalline prison since the first season finale, she managed to make appearances in this final season through flashbacks. which showed viewers how Annie, Reiner, and Bertholdt originally arrived on Paradise Island. Annie’s mission was not easy, being discovered as a Female Titan while attempting to kidnap Eren Jaeger, but defeated by both the Attack Titan and the Scout Regiment, interrupting her mission. With the recently released promo, Annie should have a big reunion while trying to navigate the world’s new status quo.

Twitter user Hourly Hitch Ani shared the footage captured from the The attack of the Titans Promo for her next episode, which will see Annie escape from self-imposed prison and come up against the member of the Scout Regiment known as Hitch, knowing there is no love lost. between these two soldiers on different sides of the aisle:

As mentioned earlier, the world is a very different place now since Annie locked herself in a prison of her own making to avoid possible torture and interrogation from her former friends in the Scout Regiment, while ‘Eren Jaeger leads countless colossal Titans to eliminate anyone. who have no Eldian blood in their veins. Although Annie is an Eldian herself, her father is now in the crosshairs as he still lives in the nation of Marley, which means the Female Titan might have an objection to Eren’s current course of action. Needless to say that Annie will have a major role in the final episodes of this last season.

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