Attack On Titan Season 4 Reveals New Mikasa Art Ahead Of His Return

It won’t be much longer before The attack of the Titans returns to television. The series is expected to bring season four to fans in a few days, but fans are feeling a sense of foreboding ahead of the return. Eren and Friends took a dark turn in season four ahead of its mid-season finale, so it’s unclear what will happen to the leads next. Now Mikasa is in the spotlight as The attack of the Titans just dropped new soldier art to buzz about the anime’s return.

The artwork was shared on social media today after fans found the poster on The attack of the Titansthe official website of. As you can see below, the piece features Mikasa in her full gear, and she has several spears at the ready for the battle ahead. From his expression alone, you can tell Mikasa means business, which makes sense given everything season four threw at him.

I mean, just think about it a bit. Not only the last season of The attack of the Titans has cost Mikasa some of his closest friends, but all-out war is brewing on the horizon. Eren defected with a coup in mind, leaving Mikasa and Armin to stop him. It looks like Eren has turned into a villain after spending seasons as a hero, so you can see why Mikasa is feeling ragged right now.

It won’t be long before season four looks at his struggles, so fans can expect his journey soon. It’s hard to imagine Mikasa going up against Eren in battle, but at this point the lead didn’t give him a choice. By taking the armed forces hostage, Eren has become humanity’s greatest enemy, and fans are sure the former hero has some nasty plans in mind for Marley.

If you need to catch up The attack of the Titans, the show is currently streaming the first half of season four on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The sites also offer the first three seasons of the anime, so there’s still time to binge on the show before its mid-season premiere.

What do you think of this new look at Mikasa? Will you be listening The attack of the Titansthe mid-season premiere of…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @Megan PetersCB.