Attack on Titan Series to End in 2023 – Movies, Trailers, Series, TV, Comics

The MAPPA studio confirmed that the famous anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) will premiere the third part of its final season next year.

On Sunday, April 3, what we now call the second part of the fourth season of Attack the titans and from the studio MAP They announced that the end will come only in 2023.

Between January and April of this year, 12 episodes were published that, contrary to what some of us believed, were just one more part of the finale. The fourth season, which began last year, was divided into three and we will have to wait a year to see the final destination of Eren, my house, armin and company.

The announcement was made on the day of the premiere of the chapter 87 and, although it was expected, it did not stop feeling like a bucket of cold water since dividing the “final season” in three is not very practical. Many of us expected the series to end with this latest installment.

Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan

Along with the notice, from MAP They accompanied the novelty with a poster where you can see the characters of the new alliance inside a footprint of a titan colossus, in clear reference to the rumble that started Eren during the second part of the final season.

It is not known how many episodes the latest installment will have, but there are still nine volumes of the manga to be adapted. Many of them cover what will be the final combat between Eren and his former companions, so it is clear that they will be chapters full of action and dramatic moments.

attack on titan poster

The series ended with the rumble advancing on Marley and the vain attempt universal fleet to stop the attack. The group made up of Mikasa, Armin, Connie, Gabi, Jean, Hange, Levi, Annie, Falco and Reiner is the one that now has in its hands the possibility of stopping the advance of Eren and colossal titans.

Although disappointed that it has not finished with the last installment, the season has given us great moments and without a doubt it will continue on that path. The animation, the music and the story in general did not disappoint, so we expect a close that matches all the seasons of this great anime.