Attack On Titan Shares Episode 83 Preview: Watch

Attack on Titan has dropped the promo for the next episode of the fourth and final season! The anime is heading towards its grand finale with the next episodes of the series coming to an end, and fans are now seeing how Mikasa and the other Scouts members have been rushing since Eren Yeager officially started the Rumbling on the rest of the world. As the final episodes continue their run, it remains to be seen how the rest of humanity deals with the end of the world staring them in the face.

This makes each of the latest set of episodes all the more important as they continue to build humanity’s last efforts against the overwhelming terror and power of Eren. This is especially true for the next installment in the series, as the cracks within the last group of humanity begin to tear and they are now fighting amongst themselves as they continue to grapple with what to do with the destruction of the rest. of the world by Eren. Check out the preview for Episode 83 below, shared by @AoTWiki on Twitter:

Episode 83 of The attack of the Titans is titled “Pride,” and as the title suggests, the last remnants of humanity will debate each other as their respective pride refuses to allow them to relent. With the Rumbling now destroying the rest of the world, those left alive on Paradise Island now wonder if Eren did the right thing or not. At the same time, there are still Marley’s within the walls and they are also preparing for their next major move. But that’s not all to watch out for.

There are still plenty of characters with their own ideals, and with the end of the world now staring them in the face, each of those characters matters with what that actually means. This is especially true for Connie, who had big plans at the end of the last episode, and he’ll have to take a tough stance to follow through on that harrowing plan in the next episode.

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