Attack on Titan shows a completely new image of the end of the anime

Attack the titanspremieres next year the third and final part of its final anime season, one that in effect will be in charge of closing the realt of Eren and company. In the so-called Final Season, the truth is that everything has been turned upside down, and there is a desire to see what Hajime Isayama put together for the final goodbye… although many fans hated him at the time with the manga. Now, they have advanced us a completely new image about it.

Attack on the Titans is gradually preparing the return of its anime

Without further delay, I leave you with the image they shared officially a few moments ago (via AIR):

And no, the truth is that there is not NO NEW INFORMATION. Even so, I am going to remind you of four basic things:

  • To begin with, yes, it was confirmed that 2023 would be the year to release the definitive ending from the anime of Attack on Titan. ❗
  • One more time, MAPPA will be in charge of working on the anime. Yes, in the same year that they are also working on season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen and coming from the Chainsaw Man anime, which is currently on air. ✔️
  • Personally I expected that since this image has been shared on the occasion of an event that was being celebrated by the animewe actually had a little teaser. Why hasn’t it happened? They may just be saving themselves for a little later, although I wouldn’t rule out that Chainsaw Man is currently requiring so much work that it’s not enough to jump into a separate small project. ❓

I personally feel a bit disappointed that we only had this image about the end of the “Attack on Titan” anime, which the truth does not contribute much with respect to what we already had and knew about what is coming. It seems, then, that until MAPPA finishes with “Chainsaw Man” they won’t give the green light to any other license in their catalogue.

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