Attack On Titan Star Reveals Reiner’s Favorite Scene From Season 4

The second half of The attack of the Titans The final season is now airing, putting the scout regiment in deep trouble as they find enemies on all sides. As Eren Jaeger now gathers his own group of followers known as the Jaegerists, seeking to use the power of the Founding Titan to destroy the powers of the Titans themselves, Reiner tries to stop Eren dead in his tracks. In a recent interview with NHK, voice actor Yoshimasa Hosoya, the man responsible for bringing the Armored Titan to life, shared his favorite scene from last season.

“Well, the truth is there are a lot of scenes, but I would say the scene where Reiner first appears. That scene where he got off the airship and said he was sick of the walls cutting his hand. It was pretty awesome. The line: “Walls again?” seems much deeper than it looks. “

Hosoya then explained why this scene was his favorite, while comparing the act of dubbing to being on a battlefield, in which an actor will fight for his performance because there is a chance of losing his voice, especially in a series that has as much emotion as The attack of the Titans:

“At the AnimeJapan event, we commented that when we dubbed Attack On Titan, it was so hard and tiring that we even lost energy and calories (laughs). There was a part of me that kept saying, ‘Do I really have to put up with this again?’ Of course, I don’t mean that as a negative thing, but it’s kind of like a battlefield. When you’re a voice actor, you run the risk of running out of voice. So technically it’s like a battle. At first, I didn’t think so, but after watching that scene again, I realized that I identified with him when he said that line. After all, it is a scene that can be interpreted in many ways.”

Currently, Reiner has the advantage of being supported by the Titans Cart and Jaw, but the battle against Eren on Paradise Island is far from over.

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