Attack On Titan Star Was Worried About Voice Eren In Final Season

Yuki Kaji has been with Eren Jaeger since the beginning of The attack of the Titans animated adaptation, bringing the series’ hero to life since he was first introduced within the walls of the Isle of Paradise. The Dark Franchise’s final season saw Eren change astronomically, and in a recent interview Kaji himself said he was pretty nervous when it came to voicing the leader of the Jaegerists in season four. , which saw Eren betray his friends and family. while casting his spell behind his brother Zeke, the Beast Titan, in order to enact the “Euthanasia Plan”,

In an interview for Japanese station, MBS, Kaji had this to say about his approach to Eren this time around, as the younger Jaeger continues to walk a much darker path as the forces of Eldia and Marley prepare for their final battle which is sure to take a lot of casualties along the way:

“A few years after reaching the ocean, which was Eren’s long-awaited dream in Season 3, Marley’s arc began. I was shocked when I read the manga because it was a very different atmosphere considering the story they were fighting with the Titans until I was worried about how I should playing Eren, whose body and mind have changed and grown in this story, and I was worried about how I would play Eren. I had a strong will and determination to play and play more than that. Eren would change his position as the essence of the world’s history and psychology more than inside.

At the time of the first part of the final season, the story was not yet complete. So Eren, even I didn’t know how the story would end. That’s why I was worried about how to play it. However, I was thinking of interpreting this piece that I love and that everyone loves. Every time there was a voiceover, I was looking for how to play it while matching the image of Eren and this piece with the help of the sound director. At the time of the MAPPA event, the director told me he didn’t know how Eren would be voiced in the final season. I felt the same way, so I was nervous about the voiceover in the first part of last season. However, when I played it, Eren started moving naturally with a different awareness than mine.”

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