Attack on Titan suffers a very important change in its end

A very important change in the production of the end of Attack on Titan could be the key to the events we are experiencing.

The director responsible for the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan explained the close collaboration he has had with Hajime Isayama, creator of the series, regarding the first batch of episodes. The acclaimed anime is coming to an end and each new episode is leaving us with a bunch of epic reveals. The production has been very different, compared to the first part of the fourth season. In fact, those responsible have taken this conclusion with another perspective. And this, surprisingly, includes the creator of the series himself.

As the manager explains Yuichiro Hayashi (via Comic Book) on changes to the end of Attack on Titan in a special talk about production, the first part of the last season was in the middle of production when Isayama was working on the end of the manga. All at the same time! Now, with the manga completely finished, Isayama has much more time to go through each of the elements of the production of the second part. In general, he is less busy and can help more. That has been the big change with respect to the previous season and towards the end.

The creator of the story is much more involved in the ending

«Isayama checks the storyboards constantly and his feedback is…“explained the director of Attack on Titan, leaving his opinion up in the air. «During the first part, he was working on the ending of the manga and was quite busy. But now he has it all over. Before his comments occupied a page, but now it is double. He is checking things more closely. He has many suggestions to improve certain parts, but he also appreciates our work. That makes me happy«.

Hayashi also revealed that there were some specific requests Isayama had made about what they should include in some of the episodes, such as secret cameos that had viewers screaming with excitement, and many more things to come. As Attack on Titan approaching the final moments of the manga, we are not surprised that the creator of the story is looking at things with a magnifying glass and constantly checking everything.