Attack on Titan: the 10 most fearless characters, ranked

In the world of Attack on Titan of Hajime Isayama, every second that passes can spell death. Even after the protection of the Walls, the citizens of Eldian are never truly safe. Members of the Survey Corps go out to face the horrible threat from the monstrous Titans in hopes of keeping their loved ones safe.

Its value is one of the themes that stands out the most in the popular anime series. It finds an echo even on Marley’s opposing side, though perhaps not to the same extent.

This article contains spoilers for the manga.

10 Willy Tybur sacrifices his own life for his mistaken ideals

Even in the world of Attack the titansNot everyone is a soldier or has a military background. Some have to face other challenges and burdens. This is the case with Willy Tybur, an Eldian nobleman who controls Marley from the shadows. His character revolves around brutal abuse and suppression of his own race, but it is more complex than that.

You feel great guilt for the atrocities committed by your ancestors. Seeing the impending decline of the Marleyan system, he deliberately arranges for his proclamation of war to be in a very public place. He is aware that he is preparing to die, but is willing to sacrifice himself for his ideals. It’s cruel and selfish bravery, but it adds depth to a character who, unfortunately, doesn’t have much screen time.

9 Hannes faces her fears to protect Mikasa and Erenattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 1

In a cast of strong characters, it is very easy to overlook the less prominent. Hannes is a member of the Garrison Regiment, and during the Battle of Shiganshina District, he was too scared to fight. He could do nothing to save Carla, Eren’s mother, and was ashamed of his cowardice.

But many years later, he faced the Smiling Titan, the same one who killed Carla. It takes a special kind of courage to face your own fears; he protects Mikasa and Eren, and that costs him his life. Although Hannes’ bravery stands out less than other characters in the series, it only makes his final decision more important.

8 Gabi’s stance against the Eldenses makes her remarkable, albeit unpleasantattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 2

A member of the Marleyan Warriors unit, Gabi was destined to receive the Armored Titan from her cousin Reiner. Despite being very young, her physical abilities and courage make her rival people much older and more experienced than her. During the Battle of Fort Eslava, he was able to destroy the armored train with his homemade bomb, preventing the much more dangerous plan suggested by his Marleyan superior Magath.

After observing the attack on Liberio, she charges at Eldian’s airship armed only with a rifle, killing Sasha Blouse. This act has made many fans look down on the character, but few could argue with his competence as a soldier.

7 Story challenges her father and becomes the queen of the wallsattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 3

The legitimate Queen of the Walls, Historia, was born as the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss. After witnessing the death of her mother, she was forced to abandon her own identity and join the Survey Corps under the assumed name of Krista Lenz.

Krista’s friendly and cheerful facade hides a very traumatized young woman, and she is vulnerable to the manipulations of Rod Reiss. But he finds the courage to overcome his past, reject his plan and kill him, taking his rightful place on the throne.

6 Ymir surrenders to Marley for Reiner and Bertoltattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 4

Much of Ymir’s history is shrouded in mystery. He comes from Marley, where he became a cult figure for a group of rebels. After being captured by the Marley authorities, she was turned into a Pure Titan and exiled to Paradis. Many years later, he stumbled upon the group of Marleyan warriors led by Marcel Galliard and ate it, thus becoming the Titan of the Jawbone.

He finds a new purpose behind the Walls in his relationship with Historia and risks his life to save them all during the battle on the tower. Finally, he willingly returns to Marley with Reiner and Bertolt, sacrificing his life to help them.

5 Armin bravely faces the Colossal Titanattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 5

Armin begins the series as the shyest and physically weakest friend of Mikasa and Eren. He joins the Survey Corps with them, but feelings of insecurity always assail him. This changes significantly over time, as his strategic genius makes him an unquestionable asset.

During the final showdown with Bertolt, he attacks the Colossal Titan on his own, facing the inevitability and pain of being burned to ashes to give Eren the opening he needed to get closer. Later he becomes even more formidable by gaining the power of the Colossal Titan himself.

4 Erwin Smith is the most inspiring commander in the history of the Survey Corpsattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 6

Commander Erwin Smith is the leader of the Survey Corps and perhaps the greatest strategic thinker in Attack on Titan. He is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve victory for humanity. This desire is strongly related to his burning need to uncover the hidden truth about the Titans, but even with that selfish goal in mind, his leadership skills remain unmatched.

He urges his men to keep going even when he’s being eaten by a Titan, and charges to his death to give Levi Ackerman a chance to slaughter the Beast Titan. His last battle is one of the most shocking scenes in anime and establishes him as a permanent favorite in the hearts of fans around the world.

3 Levi Ackerman is humanity’s strongest soldierattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 7

Mankind’s strongest soldier, Levi Ackerman, is the leader of the Special Operations Squad and participates in countless battles against the Titans.

Despite his personal feelings, he is forced to watch Erwin Smith and his subordinates ride to their deaths during the fight with the Titan Beast. This does not make him faint, and completely destroys Zeke’s Titan. He is just as firm when Zeke forces him to kill his own men turning them into Pure Titans. His unwavering strength, born out of a harsh life of deprivation, is a beacon of courage to explorers.

2 Eren is brave enough to abandon his humanityattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 8

The series’ protagonist, Eren Yeager, begins as a fearless, yet naive, young man determined to avenge his mother’s death. Even at his young age, he is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal of eliminating the Titans. He plunges into the mouth of the Bearded Titan to save his friend Armin during the Battle of Trost, soon after becoming the Attack Titan for the first time.

But his true bravery doesn’t come solely from his original quest against the Titans. Eren is a tragic figure because, in his desperation to be free, he abandons his humanity. Your constant struggle requires a lot of courage. Although it could be argued that in the end he transforms into a villain, that does not undermine his value as a character, nor the depth of his feelings.

1 Mikasa sacrifices her feelings for the good of the worldattack on titan los 10 personajes mas intrepidos clasificados 9

Mikasa, the strongest soldier in the 104th Training Corps, is known for her fearlessness in combat. His main motivation for joining the Scouts is to protect Eren, and when he briefly believes that Eren is dead, he loses all will to live.

But she overcomes the moment and decides to keep fighting, continuing to be Eren’s unconditional guardian. According to Eren, this is due, at least in part, to Mikasa’s Ackerman lineage. But even though Mikasa is genetically programmed to protect and love Eren, she is still able to end Eren’s life to stop his outrages. That kind of sacrifice requires an enormous amount of courage.