Attack on Titan: The 6 Moments We Really Hate Villains

Attack on Titan is an anime with a story that has very strong and raw moments. Along the the plot there are extremely shocking deaths that allow us to know the harsh reality that live the inhabitants of this world full of Titans and national conflicts.

Several of these unfortunate events are often caused by ruthless villains, the way they act and create chaos they have become that the fans feel hatred for them. This is one of the things that makes Shingeki no Kyojin a particular anime, since viewers get so deeply into the story that they can feel emotions in different types of situations, especially when they are horrible and unforgettable moments that mark history. . Next, we leave you some of the times that the villains did cruel things and were hated by the followers (SPOILERS).

Reiner causes Marco to die cruelly

Marco begs for his life in Attack on Titan

At the beginning of the story one of the members of the Exploration Corps named Marco, who was a partner of Reiner, Annie and Bertolt, is killed in one of the attacks that the Titans made on the walls. Subsequently, it is discovered that behind all this were his own friends, then Reiner made Annie and Bertolt throw it to one of the Titans who were nearby while Marco begged for his life non-stop. This with the aim of preventing information that Marco heard from leaking, but without a doubt, there were other alternatives to solve the problem.

Annie smiles at being discovered

Attack the titans
Annie Leonhart laughing for the first time in Attack on Titan

The Female Titan is one of the enemies that gave the Exploration Corps the most problems, as its combat skills are much more effective than the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, since its defense is impressive and cannot be easily knocked down. The soldiers spent a long time investigating who he was until finally Annie Leonhart confesses that she is the Female Titan when Armin tells him everything they know about what he’s done. The boys ask her why she kills people, and she reacts only by laughing. This would be the first time for them to see Annie truly smile.

Rod Reiss forces Historia to become a Titan

Attack the titans
Rod Reiss forces Historia to become Titan

Rod Reiss is possibly one of the nastiest characters in Attack on Titan. He always does things only for his own benefit, and he was doing the same thing when he deliberately asked Historia to have the Titan serum injected, as she was the only descendant capable of manipulating the Founding Titan. This he did after abandoning her for a long time, he sought her out just out of interest, and that caused him to become one of the most hated beings on Paradis.

The Beast Titan eliminates the soldiers of the Scouting Corps

Attack the titans
Erwin Smith leading the Scouting Corps in Attack on Titan

When it was thought that everything was going well in one of the Exploration Corps operations, suddenly the Beast Titan arrives to cause massive casualties by throwing rocks at great speed. This caused many soldiers to lose their lives, including that of Captain Erwin Smith, who in an attempt to confront him was knocked down by one of the rocks that the Beast Titan had thrown while he was laughing and was not affected by any attack until Levi was done. post.

The Titan Freighter saves Zeke from Levi

Attack the titans
Piek saves Zeke in Attack on Titan

After losing many Scout Corps soldiers, innocent people and most of the establishments being destroyed, Levi manages to reach the Beast Titan and performs his special Spiral attack. With this the Titan Beast is defeated, Zeke leaves the body and when he is about to be eliminated, the Titan Freighter saves him and it is carried on making much of the effort that the Paradis army made was in vain.

The Titan who kills Carla Jaeger eats Hannes

Attack the titans
Hannes eaten by Titan in Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger loses his mother (Carla Jaeger) when he is a child, he saw how little by little he was eaten by a smiling Titan, and this was the reason why he enlisted in the Army of the Reconnaissance Corps Legion. . Years later when Eren is kidnapped by Reiner and Bertolt, the Exploration Corps begins their search until Mikasa manages to find him. However, they are unarmed and in the open field full of Titans, but Hannes approaches to defend him, and again the same story occurs with the same smiling Titan, who eats Hannes in the same way he did with Carla Jaeger. Nevertheless, Eren discovers a new power with which he can control Titans causing the smiling Titan to be eaten by the other creatures.

If this seems cruel to you, Attack on Titan’s next villain is possibly Eren Jaeger, who may destroy everything in his path to achieve his goals with the power of the Titans.