Attack on Titan: The 9 Titan Changers (and the worst things they did)

The universe ofAttack On Titan It is defined by its many powerful and morally nuanced Titan Shifters. From the ravenous Ymir to the impregnable Reiner Braun, their supernatural gifts have allowed them to shape the future of the world on their own.

However, his powers are not always used to improve humanity or even the user’s home country. By identifying the worst atrocities of the shapeshifters, we better understand why Paradis was feared by the rest of the world and how the Titans managed to conquer it in the first place.

9 Lara Tybur supported Marley’s genocidal campaign against Paradis

Although Lara Tybur was not as active in destroying Paradis as the Warriors, she was still an agent of Marley. During Willy’s declaration of war, the Warhammer was stationed nearby to counter Eren when he inevitably arrived.

Lara may only have been trying to protect her brother and her people, but in doing so she allowed and reinforced her plans to eradicate the entire island of Paradis. Despite Lara’s noble intentions, her actions directly condoned the genocide of the Eldian people.

8 Annie murdered Marco to cover up for Reiner and Bertholdtataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 1

During the attack on Trost, Bertholdt and Reiner were careless in hiding their identities. After listening to them, Marco tried to flee although he was quickly subdued by the Marleyan infiltrators.

Annie arrived shortly after and was ordered by Reiner to confiscate Marco’s ODM kit. Despite the young scout’s pleas, he obeyed and took his equipment with him. Without a way to navigate the rooftops, Marco was powerless to avoid the Pure Titans attack. Poetically, Annie’s decision exposed her as a Female Titan some time later, as Armin identified her using Marco’s gear for her various dents and poor conditioning.

7 Pieck tried to destroy Paradis during the Marleyan invasionataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 2

After securing Zeke’s royal blood, Eren began preparations to start the Rumble. Despite the devastating losses suffered by Marley in the attack on Liberius, they mustered their remaining forces to eliminate the Eldians of Paradis once and for all.

Although he admitted that Marley would massacre the Eldians from the internment camp once the Titans became obsolete, Pieck fought the scouts in the second battle for Paradis and even took down Zeke Yeager. Even if General Magath’s forces won a decisive victory, the future of the Warriors would have been uncertain.

6 Ymir betrayed Paradis despite admitting they had a chance against Marleyataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 3

At first, Ymir was only reluctant to face the Warriors, as she believed that Paradis was doomed. However, the heroic rescue of Eren by the Scouts indicated that they had a chance against the entire world.

However, he agreed to follow Reiner and Zeke back to Marley on the condition that Historia remain safe during the destruction of Paradis. Ymir’s actions not only endangered the lives of the explorers, but also returned the Titan Jaw to Marley’s hands for the next few battles. Considering how much Ymir had suffered under Marley, his decision to return was illogical and treacherous.

5 Reiner almost kidnapped Eren by Marleyataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 4

Shortly after the conclusion of the battle for Utgard, Reiner and Bertholdt revealed their identities. Exhausted and off guard, the scouts were unable to protect Eren from the Warriors’ kidnapping.

Fortunately, Commander Erwin arrived to prepare a counterattack. Had he failed, Reiner would have managed to hand Eren over to Marley. Doing so would have effectively removed the last safeguard Paradis had against the outside world and guaranteed its destruction in the name of revenge against the island’s inhabitants and reclaiming its precious resources.

4 Zeke transformed the Eldan generals into monstersataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 5

Zeke Yeager is easily the most treacherous character in the series. He has betrayed both Marley and Paradis in order to fulfill his own agenda, namely the elimination of the entire Eldian people.

His greatest crime was when he used Yelena’s agents to poison Paradis’s military officers with the cerebrospinal fluid from the Titan Beast. This allowed Zeke to take all of Paradis hostage, as he could transform his generals into pure mindless and destructive Titans at any time.

3 Bertholdt destroyed Shiganshina and ruined Eren’s lifeataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 6

The Warriors’ attack on Shiganshina disrupted more than a century of peace and had unfathomable consequences for the people of Paradis. In addition to the massive casualties suffered in the Pure Titans invasion, the sudden glut of refugees led to severe food shortages.

Although Reiner and Annie were partially responsible, the walls could never have been breached without the destructive power of Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan. He answered for his crimes during the second battle for Shiganshina, in which Armin claimed his displacement ability after his defeat.

2 Karl Fritz reprogrammed and relocated his own peopleataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 7

Although Karl Fritz ended the oppression of the world by the Eldians, he did so in such a clumsy and irresponsible way that it ended up causing even more suffering. Not only did he use the power of the Founding Titan to quarantine his people on an island, but he also erased their memory so that they could not understand the danger they were in.

Karl admitted that while the Wall Titans served as a deterrent to vengeful nations, he never actually planned to let his successors use them. Considering that most of the shapeshifters belonged to Marley at the time of his death, his actions put the Eldians in grave danger.

1 Eren has wiped out eighty percent of the world’s population through the roaringataque a los titanes los 9 cambiadores de titanes y las peores cosas que hicieron 8

Blinded by hatred and paranoia, Eren used the power of the Founding Titans to awaken the Wall Titans. To the horror of the explorers, Marley was not their only target, but wanted to raze practically the entire world.

Despite the combined efforts of the Scouts and Warriors, Eren managed to slaughter eighty percent of humanity before his rampage came to an abrupt end. His actions solidified the perception of the Eldians as demons to the rest of the world and sparked a devastating war many years in the future.